Thursday, July 18, 2019

Alaskan Cruise: Skagway & A Musher's Camp [Part 5]

I last left off of our Alaskan cruise recap at the end of our Juneau day where we whale watched and shopped around town. Our final port stop was in Skagway and quickly became my favorite day of our entire cruise! Here, we took Brayden to a Musher's Camp and he was seriously in heaven!

Before leaving for our excursion though, I had to get in a quick 2 mile run around the ship for National Running Day!

The views were gorgeous and I absolutely loved running in the COLD!

After a shower and breakfast, we met up with our group for our excursion to the Musher's Camp. Again, our instructions were to meet up with our group "at the end of the pier", but when we got out there, we only saw a few people walking around and several tour buses parked in the lot (ie: no "group"). I stopped to ask directions from the person who happened to be our bus driver, so he pointed me in the right direction (thankfully)! Basically, everyone was being directed to board the bus and wait, so that's what we did!

Before long, we were off! All along the way, our hilarious bus driver told stories and tales of life the Alaskan way. It truly was an entertaining ride!

Once we made it to the Musher's camp, we were told that we were taking the "orange monster" to the running trails. Riding in that thing up a mountain was seriously an interesting experience!

Thankfully we made it one piece!

The basis of this excursion included a 1 mile ride in a sled pulled by the dogs, followed by interaction with these pups as well as a bit of time spent with the smaller puppies back at the camp.

Brayden LOVED being pulled in the sled and still talks about his fun times with the "dogs running" in Alaska! It was seriously a really cool experience.

Our guide was amazing, too! He offered to take pictures of us in the sled as well as a few pictures from the front of the sled!

After the mile run, we had time to pet and interact with our sled dogs. 

Again, my child was in HEAVEN! He loves dogs so much!

He definitely had his fill of puppy hugs and kisses that day!

All too soon, our time was up and we had to head back down the mountain to the Musher's Camp.

Once there, we were given a brief talk about the origins of the sled dog teams as well as a bit of history on the Iditarod race itself. It was super interesting to hear how things used to be and have changed over time!

After the talk, we were given a little time to pet the puppies!

This seriously was one of the coolest excursions I've ever taken on any cruise I've ever done!

I spy Disney Cruise Line!

Once the excursion was complete, we had our bus driver drop us off in town so we could shop around a bit and take a few pictures! Downtown Skagway truly reminds me of the old-timey gold rush town you would see in the movies. It's super cute!

Our dinner that evening included lobster and baked Alaska! Yum!

We were excited to see another towel animal too, as we didn't have one each and every night.  Brayden loved these guys!

The show that evening was an entertainer/singer who did a great job! At one point, he had me in tears because he sang that stupid Butterfly Kisses song which gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME (if you haven't heard it, look it up). Just don't say I didn't warn you...

Despite a few tears, he mostly kept us laughing and we truly enjoyed a great show!

Sadly, we went to sleep that night knowing we only had one full day left on the ship before disembarking. Our final day included a stop at the Hubbard Glacier (which was new to me), so I was excited to see it! Stay tuned for the final recap from our Alaskan cruise! :) 

Thanks for following along! 


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  1. The pics of your son with the dogs are priceless. I am very happy to see that he loves the animals.

    1. I couldn't agree more! He was 100% in his element there!

  2. I had a lot of fun on my musher's camp excursion. The dogs were SO excited each time a new shuttle came in.

    1. So cute!! That was definitely one of my most favorite excursions ever!

  3. I love hearing about your Alaska cruise. I'm wanting to go with the family in summer 2021. I'd love to go Disney Cruise line, but budget and extended family thats not wanting Disney had me wondering which other cruise line. It looks like Royal Carribean is good for kids too!

    1. I understand completely! We had a blast on this cruise! You just have to go into it knowing it's NOT Disney and your expectations shouldn't be set at Disney level if that makes sense. Hope y'all have a great time!


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