Monday, October 28, 2019

Day 3: Magic Kingdom

Continuing with our recent August trip recap, we visited the Magic Kingdom on Sunday followed by Epcot for a half day on Monday.

Before heading to the Magic Kingdom though, we made a stop by Port Orleans French Quarter for the Beignet Dash!

If you missed that recap, head over to the link above to check it out. This was a really fun race on a non-runDisney race weekend and I really enjoyed my run around Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside!

After our breakfast of beignet's at the French Quarter quick service location, we hopped on a bus to the Magic Kingdom.

Our first stop there was Starbucks, of course!

We were also pleasantly surprised to find the parks were relatively low crowds for a summer Monday!

As we passed the purple wall, I realized I'd never taken a picture there and definitely needed to remedy that!

Our first ride stop for the morning was the Tomorrowland Speedway. I realized Brayden had never "driven" one of these cars and I loved these as a kid! So, off we went! The wait was seriously only like 15 minutes! Bonus!

Jason also admitted he'd never driven one of these cars, either! Whomp whomp!

After the Speedway, we decided to make our way to the Teacups. This is a ride I'd never ridden due to dizzy issues, but Jason promised to be nice, so I agreed to go on them.

Brayden LOVES to spin and he was in heaven on this ride!

After the teacups, we headed over to Brayden's next favorite ride, the Carousel! In combination, all three rides took very little time as the wait was super short! We were loving it!

For lunch, we had Pecos Bill and I split an order of the tacos with Brayden. These are so good and definitely my favorite item on their menu!

Mid day, we decided to go back to our resort for a long nap. Brayden was in desperate need of a good nap and we had friends to visit with!

After a nap and a quick dinner with our friends, we returned to the Magic Kingdom for fireworks and post-fireworks fun!

The fireworks were spectacular as always and after they were over, we realized we had about 45 minutes of additional Magic Kingdom time!  

We headed over to Dumbo first and with literally zero line, we rode Dumbo three times in a row!

After our Dumbo adventures, we literally had 10 minutes before park closing, so we jumped in line for the Tea Cups again (yes, I rode it again)!

These post-fireworks memories are seriously some of Brayden's favorite from our last trip. He still talks about riding Dumbo three times and the teacups two times!

 Before heading out of the Magic Kingdom, we stopped for ice cream and a few pictures.

Being in the Magic Kingdom after the crowds had died down was seriously magical. We literally had the best night ever!

Up next: EPCOT!

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  1. This day sounds like it's going down in your history books as one of the top visits EVER to the Magic Kingdom!


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