Friday, October 18, 2019

Physcial Therapy Update Part 2

Since my last Physical Therapy update, things with my hamstring have slowly continued to improve. Although the pain is not as high as it was just a few months ago, it's still slightly there and I'm still having difficulty running outside on hard ground.

However, I have hope!

My two month "medical" break from Orangetheory finished up this month and since I couldn't put it on break for another month, I have returned! Leading up to this return, (and with the help of my physical therapist), we discovered that although I couldn't run outside on hard ground, I COULD run on the treadmill without any additional pain!

So, I've been back to two classes and although they went ok, they were majorly modified to fit my body's capabilities. For example, I got the dates mixed up and assumed that Orange Everest (where you get the treadmill up to an incline of 15) was on Saturday instead of Friday. I ended up at Friday's class and while everyone else was pushing their inclines up to kingdom come, I was in my own little world on a 0.5% incline, just jogging away. I'm working up to a 1% incline, but for now a 0.5% incline is all the hamstring can handle.

On Monday's class, I didn't check the schedule ahead of time and somehow ended up in a class that included 23 minutes of rowing. I can't win for losing! Lots of rowing + hamstring = no go.

Thankfully my coach was super understanding and helped me to modify anything I couldn't do. So, after rowing about 2800 meters, my hamstring was starting to let me know it was bothered by all the rowing. Instead, I jumped on the treadmill to run for the remainder of class and ran an extra mile.

Although I left the class feeling great, my back seriously gave out on me that night (first time that's EVER happened) and it brought me to my knees with pain. I was able to limp through the night with it and sent out an SOS to my physical therapist when I got to work on Tuesday morning. She worked it out and thankfully all was well after that! I seriously feel for people who endure back pain all of the time! That was some of the worst!

Now, I've come down with some kind of cold or sickness and although I've tried to do everything in my power to baby it, I think it's starting to settle into my lungs. This is seriously bringing horrible flashbacks to the lung thing I contracted last year. My work boss so lovingly described it as "the great lung plague". Thanks, bud. I'm thinking an Urgent Care visit might be in order sometime today. *face palm

Anyway, I said all of that to say - my hamstring is on the mend. It's not there yet and I still have a good road of physical therapy ahead of me, but at least it's getting there. Now I just need to get over this sick hump and I think I'll be doing pretty darn good!

If you've followed along on my journey this long, thank you! I'm still planning on running the Two Course Challenge at Disney! Definitely crossing my fingers and hoping to come out on the other side, still standing!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. It sounds like you're keeping your spirits up despite the long recovery from that hamstring injury - and also that you're being proactive with not pushing it when it starts to squeak. Hope you feel better soon.


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