Thursday, January 9, 2020

Pop Century & The Skyliner

Hello and welcome to the start of my November Walt Disney World and Disney Dream trip recaps! Although I've already shared my thoughts on the Wine & Dine Half Marathon races and the Christmas Party, these recaps will be from the trip itself.

For starters, we had a large group of people traveling with us and we decided to stay at Pop Century. I'd never stayed at a refurbished room there and most of our party had never stayed at Pop at all, so it was a no brainer.

High Points of Pop:
  • The refurbished rooms are fabulous, for real - they seriously make it feel like you aren't staying at a value resort.
  • The Skyliner is SO cool (more on that in a bit)
  • This resort has the greatest theming! 
  • The food court has plenty of offerings
  • They were very much into the runDisney thing - see backdrop above! How cute, right?!
Low Points of Pop:
  • SO. Many. People. (it's a huge resort, though...what can you expect?)
  • Lines, lines everywhere! We stood in lines for check in (because something wasn't working right on one of our group's apps), we stood in a ridiculous line to check our bags....did I mention so many people? All of this was on the first day and once we made it through those hiccups, we were good to go.
  • That's it! We seriously enjoyed Pop!

We were placed in the 50's building which granted us perfect access to the Skyliner!

These rooms are beautiful and feel so clean!

I loved the bed/table combo (also known as a murphy bed) as well as the plank, no carpet flooring.

Even Pluto wasn't forgotten about!

The bathrooms received a makeover, too.

I loved the extra storage. It was so convenient!

One downside to the refurbished rooms for me would be the lack of a bathtub, because my toddler still likes to take baths. He didn't mind the shower, though.

I still giggle about these...

A welcome letter and Mickey card were waiting for us on our bed when we arrived.

From our doorway, you could see the pool. The 50's section was really cute and if we stayed at Pop again, I would totally request it next time.

The walk to the skyliner was a super short one, just around the back of the 50's building. SO convenient!

It makes a beautiful visual, too.

Seriously, when are they going to add on to the skyliner and place it at other resorts? :)

What started out as a quick ride to Epcot turned into Brayden's new fascination and definitely his favorite "Disney ride". He seriously talks about the skyliner all the time. Point of View videos, anyone? Y'all feel me on this?

On the morning of our cruise, Brayden mentioned the skyliner at least 10 times, so we decided to hop a quick ride from Pop over to the "main hub" at Caribbean Beach. I knew there was a Joffrey's there with a specialty coffee, so I figured it was a win win for all of us! We had plenty of time to kill, so why not?

He. Was. So. Excited!

That face, though...priceless!!

The specialty drink offering is the Toffee Flight. It's sea salt caramel toffee with dark chocolate and toffee crumbles and it's VERY good!

Jason ordered iced...

...and I ordered mine hot.

Both were very good, but I felt as if the flavor was stronger in the hot beverage.

Also, they sold giant blue donuts there and this child got his eye on it...

Giant blue donut for the win! When in Disney, right?

I randomly caught this cast member making sidewalk art!

I don't even have that much talent with a pencil much less water!

Overall, I loved our stay at Pop Century and would seriously do it all again if given the chance. As I mentioned before, the food court had good offerings, the shop was a decent size, the refurbished rooms look amazing, and the skyliner was so very convenient!

What are your thoughts on Pop? Have you stayed in a refurbished room?

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  1. Those refurbished rooms are really nice! It's been about 12 years or so (maybe more) since I've stayed at PoP, but I've never been in the 50"s building so I wouldn't even know what they looked like before!

    How fun that Brayden Liked the SkyLiner. I can see this being an attraction in itself for the little ones!


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