Tuesday, January 14, 2020

3.5 Year Toddler Update

For starters, GO TIGERS! The energy this weekend and yesterday leading up to the big game was electric here in the south and almost everyone I came into contact with yesterday was wearing purple and gold! Awesome awesome game!

Ok, so I'm WAY behind on posting Brayden's 3 1/2 year update and before too long, it will be time for a 4 year old update. Wait, what? Maybe I'm just in denial, but I'm about to have a FOUR year old. I'm stunned.

This update takes place from April of 2019-October of 2019. I know, SO far behind. (Hanging my head in shame.)

Clothing: Definitely all 3T. He grew in length by 5 inches in 1 year, so he's going to be a tall dude!
Diapers: No more! He still wears a 4T sized pull up at night, but those are about to go bye bye, too!
Weight: 38 pounds (estimated)
Height: 40 inches (estimated)

Since turning 3 officially, we have had so many wonderful adventures! We went to several Astros games and to an Easter Egg hunt where Brayden found a prize egg!

He finally picked up on Easter Egg hunting this year and he was all over it! So much fun to watch!

In the spring, I ran a race that was part of an out of town festival. Brayden discovered the carousel "like Disney World" and I'm pretty sure we rode that thing about 12 times. Maybe more, I lost count!

As far as food goes, we are still in the same place as before. He's super hesitant to try new things and doesn't really care for vegetables at all, except corn. Staples around here include: oatmeal, waffles, eggs, cereal ("ta ta crunch" aka Captain Crunch and cheerios), spaghetti, tacos, chicken nuggets, french fries, orange fries (aka sweet potato fries), rice and gravy, mac & cheese, and I think that's about it...

This kid's love of the park/"splash I-pad" is real!

As far as potty training goes, I think that's one of the easiest hurdles we've had to jump in this parenting thing so far. We had a sticker chart for when he would actually go on the potty and he took to that like a charm. Potty training for bowel movements was a bit harder, but not much. Once he figured out that he would receive a "prize" every time he went on the potty, we were good!  He still wears a pull up at night and is rarely wet in the morning, so I think we've pretty much got this thing down.

A few other loves include football games and riding his bike!

This kid LOVES to be outside!

This summer, Brayden traveled with us to Alaska for his first ever cruise! He had a blast and we loved being together with Jason's family (12 of us)!

Much much much to my surprise, he even allowed them to paint his face like a "kitty cat" in the kids club. I have no clue how they got him to sit still for that long, but I was seriously amazed!

While in Alaska, we did all kinds of fun things, but Brayden's favorite was the dog sled experience. We were able to ride on a sled with several dogs pulling us along and Brayden giggled and giggled - he thought it was so fun! We also had a chance to pet the dogs and tell them hello after. I highly recommend an excursion like this one!

Another fun experience for us in Alaska was the Alaska Zoo. Brayden loved seeing the animals and playing on their playground. We had such fun!

At the beginning of August, we took a super short weekend trip to Disney World and this is where Brayden discovered his love for the tea cups!

They are all he talks about now!

Late nights are ok while on vacay!

Speaking of late nights, naps are always a nice and quiet part of our day and still last anywhere from 2-3 hours. 

In August, he started in the Toddler 3 class at his Mother's Day Out. Oddly enough, his infant teacher who also became his teacher mid way through his 2 year old class also followed them up to the 3 year old class! He was so excited to start a new year and still have Mrs. Erin as his teacher!

As the time drew closer to Halloween, our photographer offered up the suggestion of a few of Brayden in his Halloween costume (during his fall mini session). I am SO glad we did it because I am in love with the way these pictures turned out! He (of course) wanted to be Lightning McQueen and I think this was his favorite costume so far!

As Brayden has continued to grow and develop, so has his knowledge base, his personality, and his quirks. He definitely does not like to sit still long (Jason says he gets that from me) and is always super busy. He is also a goofball and loves to try and make people laugh (he gets that from his dad). I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge he has picked up since starting the three year old class, too. He knows the months of the year, days of the week, several songs, he's becoming more independent, etc. 

Despite all of the growing and changing going on over here, Brayden is still a momma's boy who loves to "cuddle" and I am soaking up every single moment! 

Thank you so much for following along in our pregnancy/parenting journey. I've had so much fun sharing it with you! Have a great day!

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  1. I always enjoy reading your Brayden updates! He's such a fun little boy. :)


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