Friday, July 31, 2020

runDisney Space Mountain Virtual 5K

On Wednesday, I ran the Space Mountain Virtaul 5K. This 5K is a part of the summer virtual runDisney race series and I will complete it next month with the final race in the challenge.

Setting out to run this race was interesting because I thought I would be fighting the weather, but I wasn't 100% sure how much time I had. Well, about a mile and a half into my run, my fears were confirmed and what started out as a leisurely 5K (sans kid) quickly switched to a "run this thing as fast as possible because those dark clouds are looming!"

My husband snagged a photo of me with the "start line", and off I went!

"Start line selfie", anyone? :)

By mile 1, I was feeling good and keeping a pretty consistent pace. All was well, I had my podcast in my ears, and life was pretty good. Then, I turned the corner and spotted this....

Super dark clouds looming in the distance! It started to lightly sprinkle which got my mile markers a little wet but I knew the big drops were coming!

So, I pressed on and attempted to keep a pretty consistent pace to beat the rain.

By mile 3, I knew I had it and all would be well! I narrowly missed the rain by 2 minutes. After stepping on my front porch and taking a picture with my watch, the bottom fell out from the sky with giant, heavy raindrops...and a lot of them, too!

After checking my stats, I saw that I managed to run negative splits the entire time, thanks to the threat of rain looming in the distance!

Don't get me wrong...I don't mind a rainy/wet run, but I did not want to get stuck in the kind of storm where it's raining so hard you can't see, there's thunder/lightning, etc. Thankfully, that didn't happen for this one!

I hear people are starting to receive their medals for this race series! If you registered for this, have you received yours yet?

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