Thursday, April 22, 2021

Disney 2021: EPCOT

The timing of the EPCOT day on our most recent February trip worked out perfectly for me, because it gave me plenty of time to run the virtual Princess 5K, then get ready for the parks. With EPCOT opening later in the morning, I wasn't rushed at all. Have I mentioned I kinda loved these "revised" park hours? Cause I kinda did....

So with that, I was able to sleep in a little bit (as opposed to a normal runDisney race weekend), shower, get dressed, meet up with our friends, and still get to EPCOT before the park opened! 

And of course, we ordered Joffrey's on the way there! :)

Although it wasn't quite time for the Flower and Garden Festival just yet, there were several topiaries out and about for the occasion!

Our plan for the day was to spend a few hours in Future World, then the remainder of the afternoon/evening/night time in World Showcase, eating around Festival of the Arts.

This plan should have worked out perfectly but I didn't do my research well enough prior to park arrival. 

Apparently Test Track is the current "hot commodity" ride in EPCOT and since I didn't realize that, we rode Frozen first with little to no wait...and then we literally waited a little over an hour to ride Test Track. Whomp whomp!

While waiting in line for Test Track, I spotted the all-new "candy cane" wall and had to jump over for a picture. 

This wall is in the funniest spot! It's literally between the entrances to the men's and women's restrooms! Oh well, it serves as a cute photo op so it works! :)

I had to laugh at this beautiful portrait, too...Brayden peeping through the table and my husband trying to eat the sunflowers. We make quite the interesting family! 

We really did enjoy all of the beautiful photo opportunities throughout EPCOT! 

I took this photo just minutes before the bottom fell out of the sky. Since we needed shelter from the rain, we decided to hop inside the Land pavilion and ride Soarin!

The line wasn't terrible - I feel like we waited about 40 minutes or so.

Like a typical Florida rainstorm, the rain was done by the time we were off Soarin.

By this point, everyone was hungry and we decided to begin our tour of eating around World Showcase. I'll share an update of all of the delicious food we tried in the next blog post so this one isn't terribly long.

Another "traditional" photo stop for me is in the Germany pavilion. I talk about this every year at Christmas, but this is where NSYNC sat for an interview in their "Holidays in Concert" Disney Channel know, way back in the day. Well, I've been taking a photo here in this spot on every single Disney trip since! :)

Brayden's shirt was fitting for our afternoon of eating around the world!

We also made sure to take part in the Disney Vacation Club scavenger hunt game. It was fun learning new facts about EPCOT that we otherwise wouldn't have known. 

Along the way, I spotted Laura and Jennalyn and we stopped to talk for a few. It was so nice to catch up with them!

To top off our evening, we wandered back over to Future World and a ride on the Seas with Nemo and Friends as well as Spaceship Earth.

I thought it was hilarious what the ride did to our photos with our masks!

No ride on Spaceship Earth is complete with a photo at the Bubblegum wall! :)

We had a really nice day at EPCOT and this actually turned out to be one of my favorite days of our trip. It was nice to relax, walk around, take our time, eat a lot, and just simply enjoy vacation!

Up next: Indulging at Festival of the Arts :) 

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