Wednesday, April 28, 2021

What We Ate At EPCOT's Festival of the Arts

One of my favorite parts of our Walt Disney World trip this year was our experience at Festival of the Arts! Our plan for the day was to spend the afternoon wandering World Showcase, taking our time, and snacking our way around for lunch and dinner. 

The crowds weren't super heavy either, so we never waited in any long lines and it was SO nice!

First stop was at POP Eats for the Tomato Soup with French Onion and Bacon Grilled Cheese

At the end of it all, this turned out to be our favorite dish of the entire festival!

We also tried the Pop't Art at POP Eats. It was a sugar cookie with strawberry filling and just tasted "ok" to me. 

In Mexico, Jason wanted to try the Chile Relleno and I wanted to try the Taco de Chocolate, so we each shared one. 

The chile relleno was a poblano pepper filled with steak, black beans, and tomatoes with a poblano cream sauce drizzled on top. The taco de chocolate was just that - a chocolate mousse filled taco.

Both dishes were very good!

While meandering our way to the Refreshments Outpost, we spotted something that sounded heavenly - a Warm Brown Sugar-Stuffed Pretzel with Banana Soft Serve ice cream on top!

This was good (and big) and filling and ended my dessert taste testing. Out of the three we tried, this was my favorite dessert!

Our next stop was in America, where we ordered the Beef Wellington. Jason says this was his favorite dish, hands down!

We decided to skip the sushi donut in Japan for the Mediterranean Flatbread in Morocco and I'm so glad we did. This dish was SO VERY good and definitely topped my favorites list!

Near Morocco was the Vibrante & Vivido Food Studio booth where the Blue Corn Pupusa was located. I'd heard such great things about this dish, I knew I had to try it. After reading the description, I still had no idea what I was getting myself in to, but I went for it and it was very good! (Blue corn pupusa stuffed with cheese ((they had me at cheese)) and topped with shredded pork, guajillo and arbor chile sauce, cabbage slaw, and aji amarillo crema.) 

Our final stop on our grand tour around World Showcase for Festival of the Arts was in France for the Creme de Brie en Petit Pain. It was a delicious warm bread bowl filled with cheese and YUM! Another one that topped the favorites list!

That ended our day at EPCOT and our time tasting our way around the world. EPCOT festivals are one of my favorite things to experience because they give you a chance to try new dishes or tastes you wouldn't otherwise order/try for yourself (hello, blue corn pupusa)! We had so much fun with our friends and can't wait to visit the Food and Wine Festival later this summer! 

Have a fabulous day! (Hope I didn't make you too hungry!) :)

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