Monday, July 12, 2021

Brunch at Topolino's Terrace

It would seem that our February Disney trip revolved around food - but I promise it did not. Well,  mostly. :)

One thing I can say for certain is the fact that we love Topolino's Terrace. Although we haven't visited for dinner (yet), we have eaten brunch here twice - once pre-covid and once mid-covid - and it has passed the test both times! 

In order to properly share the love for Topolino's, I figured it deserved its own post, so here we go...

Topolio's Terrace is located on the 10th floor of the Riviera Resort. It's a premium character dining experience for brunch and a signature dining experience for dinner. The characters included with brunch are precious and revolve around Mickey and his friends, dressed in their favorite artistic attire. 

The restaurant isn't difficult to find - simply take the elevators near Primo Piatta up to the 10th floor, and there you are!

Up first for our meal was a delicious glass of POG juice, known all over Walt Disney World breakfast dining locations. This stuff is incredible!

We also received a basket of pastries and toppings to go along with them.

Not long after we were seated, the characters began. In a modified fashion, they paraded around the restaurant, stopping for brief seconds so guests could capture selfies.

Of course this is not ideal, and I cannot wait for things to return to "normal", but I wouldn't say it ruined or dampened our experience here at all!

As far as our meal went, I absolutely loved the sour cream waffles on our last trip, so I had to order them again. I also had the chance to try the spiced sausage hash as the description was intriguing to me. 

Jason ordered the wood fired butcher's steak and he loved it! Everything we ate that morning was delicious!

As far as Brayden goes, he had the Mickey and Minnie waffle with a side of fruit and eggs. 

The addition of a "Minnie" waffle makes me smile every time I see it! So cute!

More characters paused briefly for a selfie. I say "briefly" because that's exactly what it was - they did not really "stop" for long at all!

You think my child loved seeing the characters? 

Negative. He literally took a nose dive into the booth every time one would pass. Silly boy! 

He's hilarious to watch on every trip - as an infant he loved the characters, which transpired to him not liking them at all, then liking them again for a few trips, then refusing to wave at them. So funny!!

Prior to leaving, we received an autographed card from the Riviera, which took the place of the character's signatures in a signature book.

After we finished eating, we walked out on the rooftop to check out the view. This place is so beautiful and the view was breathtaking! 

I could have stayed up here for hours! 

Another thing I love about the Riviera is the artwork. If you look super close at the bottom right hand of this photo, you can see a "hidden" Mickey, painting a portrait of the countryside. Such a fun touch!

While here, we also took a DVC tour of the resort where we were shown all different types/styles of rooms including the 3 bedroom grand villa! If you haven't taken the tour, I highly recommend you do - it's beautiful!!

Will we be back? Absolutely! We already have brunch booked here for our August trip. If you haven't visited Topolino's Terrace yet, I highly suggest you do!


  1. It looks like a wonderful place to spend the time, to have fun and to eat good food. The location is perfect and, as you wrote, the view breathtaking. Nice photos.

    1. Thank you! It was a great experience overall!


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