Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Disney 2021: Magic Kingdom Part 2

After a late night in the parks the night before, an attempt at an early morning to rope drop the Magic Kingdom just wasn't happening for my four year old. Jason and I attempted to wake Brayden and instead decided to sit out on our patio and enjoy a morning cup of coffee instead.

We decided it just wasn't worth it! Having a rested and happy child all day and being "late" to the MK was much better in our book over a tired and cranky child. We text our friends to go on with the plans without us and so they did!

He had the chance to sleep an extra hour and was much happier when he awoke this time around!

After getting dressed, we walked over to the boat dock at the Wilderness Lodge. We love being able to take a quick boat ride to the MK!

Even though we were later than we anticipated, the park was not crowded at ALL!

One thing my mom and Brayden share is their love for flowers. On this trip, Brayden stopped at practically every flower bed he saw, and sent a photo of the flowers to my mom. It was really really sweet! 

After finding our friends, we walked over to Fantasyland for a ride on Small World!

I think I mentioned this before, but Small World was Brayden's very first ever Disney ride (at 10 months old) and it's a "must do" every trip for us now! He loves it!

Know what else he loves? Throwing coins into the water down below! 

Although it's blurry, this photo of him with his little hands in the air makes me smile! :)

Somehow, my name appeared on the screen as we were departing the ride! Farewell, Small World!

Over to Pirates, we planned out our photo and I think we pretty much nailed it. The socially-distanced random guy on the back row made us laugh, too!

For lunch, we stopped by Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. I hadn't had a "Disney burger" all trip, so this was my fix! I also ordered a Cheshire Cat Tail for dessert and it was really good!

For some reason, we waited until after lunch to ride the teacups, and my husband and our friend Melissa decided to spin their cup as fast as humanly possible. 

Brayden, our friend Everett, and I rode in the "calm" teacup and we could hardly see our people as they spun on by!

We also took a turn on the Tomorrowland Speedway! Brayden and I rode together and it was quite the experience. I'm glad he's not getting his driver's license anytime soon! :)

Earlier in the day, Brayden announced to us that the only characters he would wave to are Mickey and Minnie. No one else. (His exact words.)

So, we spotted their cavalcade passing by and we lined up to wave. True to his word, Brayden waved his little heart out! Kids are so funny!

A mid-afternoon Joffrey's break was much needed and hit the spot!

We'd been watching the line for the Jungle Cruise all day and finally saw a break in the wait time, so we moved over to Adventureland. 

This actually ended up being our final park ride before taking a break to ride the Monorail around the loop a couple of times.

Brayden had been asking to ride the Monorail the entire trip, so we found our moment and took it! We ended up looping twice!

Remember that "I only wave to Mickey and Minnie" statement?

Yeah, well the princess cavalcade rolled through just as we were walking back into the Magic Kingdom, What did this kid do? Cover his eyes!

True story: Several of the princesses thought he was playing peek-a-boo and they started covering their eyes, too! It was hysterical!!

Dinner that evening was at Be Our Guest. We hadn't visited in a while and had never experienced the prix-fixe menu, so we decided to try it out!

The pre-dinner bread offering was delicious!

For an appetizer, I had the meat and cheese plate and it was really good!

I'm pretty sure each of us had the filet and we all really liked it.

My favorite part of this entire meal though, was the dessert....especially that macaron to the left! It is truly one of the best desserts I've ever had!

Look at this Chip themed cup, too! It was made of white chocolate and even included a little chip on the rim! SO cute!

Our final ride of the evening was on the carousel! It's so beautiful at night!

I have to admit, I was incredibly sad while waiting in line. Someone had ripped out most of the flowers along the inner rim of the flower bed, all the way around the entire ride. They must have pulled up at least 30 or 40 of these beautiful flowers. I just don't understand people. At. All. I used this example as a teaching moment for Brayden - to encourage him to always respect other people's property, especially something as nice and beautiful as this. (I'm happy to say, we returned to the Magic Kingdom two days later and all of the beautiful flowers had been replanted! I so appreciate Disney's attention to detail and it made me wonder how often something like that happens? So sad!)

Another one of Brayden's favorites, the carousel!

Back at the resort, we took a little time to play in the splash area, even if it was 68 degrees outside! Apparently the cold didn't bother Brayden anyway!

I know this was long, so if you made it this far I thank you!! Up next, our final "full" day at Disney - Animal Kingdom!


  1. Long days full of fun. I am sure that Bryden will never forget this adventure.

  2. So funny about Brayden covering his eyes! I bet it is so much fun to visit Magic Kingdom with a small child!
    I had no idea that names showed up on the Small World Screen! Are they just random names or do you think they read names from passengers' magic bands?
    Now I am truly curious about those flowers being uprooted. I can't imagine a park guest taking the time to uproot all those, and for what purpose??? If they did, they are some ill mannered I wonder if the grounds keeper pulled them out because they knew those were the ones that needed replaced the following day? So weird, but I love how you caught that detail!


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