Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols...that's what my softball teammates call me! Hahaha! He makes $14,000,000+ playing for the Cards. At 5398 times at bat, he's knocked in 1162 runs, hit 381 home runs, and he's been on either the All Star Team, an MVP, or won the Silver Slugger every season of his professional career. (He missed out on the AS game his 2nd Season). On top of that, he was also named Rookie of the Year his Rookie Season.

Albert Pujols, huh? Well, I'm not that good. Not even CLOSE to that good. I always wished I had started playing earlier in my life. I also regret the decision of not switching to Fast Pitch when I should have. I played for my high school but only my Junior/Senior year and that's because for recreactional softball, they forced me to move to fast pitch. I was soooo upset. I was scared to death of that ball. My Junior year, my tactic was to crowd the plate and don't swing at anything cause eventually, you'll get hit by a ball and you'll get on base! I had SO many bruises it's not even funny! Then something clicked in me. The summer before my senior year, I went out everyday and hit ball after ball after ball off the tee. It must have done something with my eye coordination. I surprised myself my first time in the batting cages after that! I could hit almost anything that came my way. I LOVED FASTPITCH! I love the feeling of a good solid hit...the way it sounds and the way your hands feel. My carrer HR's? TWO! LOL Not anything near Albert up there! I did make All District my Senior year for our Division, though and I finished the season with a .365 batting average!

I really wish I were better at it. If I had started in fastpitch earlier, there's no doubt I would have tried out for college ball. Oh well...that's when you say that you can't change the past or the what if's cause God's plans are always better than ours!

So yeah, now here's me, "Albert Pujols"...confined to the dugout with a scorebook in hand. Stinks. Last night, the 2nd baseman threw a WILD hard ball to the first baseman. It ended up flying into dugout and almost took out my other foot. I do NOT need that, thank you!!!! lol

Almost 2 weeks down, just 3-4 more to go!


  1. haha I can't believe you almost got hit in the other foot lol!

  2. Yay you're almost halfway to recovery! Omg crazy he makes so much money. If only you could make 1/2 of that ;)


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