Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 1 down, 5 weeks to go!

This boot really isn't THAT bad. It does aggrivate me when I want to wear a cute outfit and I can't wear my cute shoes with it! lol It's a little hot when I'm outside but besides that, it really does feel better when I'm walking in the boot. I take it off sometimes when I'm at home (shh...don't tell on me!) just for a break but when it gets to hurting, I put it back in the boot and it feels so much better! I've learned how to get around in this thing, too!

I get another xray on July 1st so I'm anxious to see what that says! I hope I don't have to wear this when my mom and I go to North Carolina mid July! I can only imagine airport security in it! Yikes! We are making a stop in Atlanta and that worries me cause it's an airport I'm not used to. I guess I just worry myself more because Kim and I missed our plane in Orlando cause security took an HOUR.

So, 1 week down, 4 or 5 more to go!

I've been keeping up with my upper body/core workouts very regularly, too! :0)


  1. great job on the strength training!

  2. I'm glad it's not that bad Karen! You sound more positive than I would be ;)

    Where in NC are you headed? UGH the Atl airport is a nightmare anyway. I couldn't imagine getting through it with a boot. You poor thing. I hope you make your flight!

  3. YAY!!!! on the upper body/core workouts! I am starting tomorrow on my toning with P90X. I am just not getting to where I am not sore anymore! Hopefully the xray is good!
    With the airports, I might just take the boot off before you go through the security check! That would probably make it eaiser and just dump it in the bucket to be scanned!

  4. so glad you're keeping a positive attitude

  5. what r u going to NC for? I didn't know this! The atlanta airport is HUGE. I used to get lost in it haha.


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