Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Runners Heart Rate and a few races!

So I've been monitoring my RHR (resting heart rate) over time since I've been running. I've wondered when I'd "achieve" that runners heart rate (known to be a slower resting rate). I know, I'm a dork. I had a Doctor comment on my heart rate one time back in college and how it wasn't as slow as he figured it would have been since I was a runner. Well, I wasn't really technically a runner then cause I was in Nursing school and didn't have time to run but anyway, he said that. So ever since then, I've remembered what he said and I was curious as to when I'd notice a drop in my heart rate. Well, it's been a slow decline, but finally two weeks ago, I took my pulse and it was in the low 60's, high 50's! Usually, it's in the 70's-80's which is a normal RHR. I thought it was really cool so I had to share! LOL Ok onto my races that I've been so behind on posting about.... Two Saturday's ago, we had a 3 miler in my hometown. It was HOT and miserable! The sun was out and the heat rose very quickly to the 90's.
Seriously miserable!


 Here's us before the race...


 My running group! This was our last race of the season! (Our running group's last race.)


 During the race. This was seriously miserable. I started getting lightheaded and I felt like my body was going numb at one point. That's when I made myself slow down and walk a little. Ugh...


 We were waiting for the awards ceremony after. This race is at a local sports store. Last year after the race, all their shoes were 50% off. That's how I got my very first pair of Saucony's. So I figured this year, they'd do the same thing again but I was wrong! They were only 25% off and they didn't have the color of the Saucony's that I wanted so I didn't get any shoes this time! Kayla got a pair though!


 This is Kayla and I after the race! LOL We were poooped!!!


 Last weekend, Kayla and I ran the Astros Race for the Pennant 5K! Once again, it was hot but not nearly as hot as the previous race! Only problem with this race is that we ran up and down and up and down and up and down overpasses! 80% of the race was on a bridge! I'm not used to that at all! OH well!


 Kayla and I with Junction Jack the Astros Mascot! The Astros field, Minute Maid Park is located where an old railroad station for Houston was. It was called "Union Station" so that's where "junction jack"
 came from!


 Milo Hamilton was our race commentator! He's a legend in Houston. He's the Astros Radio announcer and his thing is "Holy Toledo!" LOL I was too scared to go talk to


 This is us during the race. You see all the people?! Thousands of people signed up for this race! This is one loooooong overpass! 


 We finished inside of Minute Maid Park! Sooo neat! I've been on the field before though cause we've taken a tour but it was still cool!


 We hung out with a few players after the race! LOL JK We took pictures with a prop! Hehe! So with that, my 5K season is officially over! I'll be back later with the stats of the season! You can tell at the beginning since it was cooler outside, I did soooooooooo much better! LOL I could actually breathe!


  1. I have no idea what my heart rate is or how to figure it out lol! but good job though!
    yay for race recaps. I dont know about you but I am enjoyin not training for anything at the moment, it's kinda nice not having any pressure!

  2. The pictures look great! I need to get the Contraband pictures from you and some of the Astro's pictures!!! Awesome job on your heart rate! I have never even heard of that!


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