Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chasing Katie

Meet: Katie. Katie is a sweet little dog who belongs to our neighbors across the street. Our neighbors recently acquired Katie because a pit bull attacked their daschund and killed it. So sad.

Yesterday, I got realllly excited when Jason told me the weather forecast...only SIXTY SEVEN % humidity! WHAT?!?! That hasn't happened in MONTHS! lol The temps were in the high 80's (feels like 96 degrees) but it wasn't so bad cause the humidity was low! (It rained here yesterday afternoon) Sooo, Jason and I decided to take Maddie for a walk (she was going to make one loop and we were going to make 2). We ran a little walked a little jogged a little, you get the picture. Jason has terrible knees and always has so he's not able to run but he was a trooper keeping up with us. We would get ahead and then walk and he would catch up, etc. Anyway, we were about a mile and a half into our journey when we saw our neighbors on the road trying to coax their dog Katie to come to them. I thought maybe I could lure her to me with Maddie but she didn't have any of that.

Katie is a smart dog. She knows if you are chasing her...she knows just how close to let you get before she takes off again. She knows if she's being cornered into a sticky situation. That dog is smart.

So Jason and I helped chased her a little while to no avail. We would get close and she'd take off again. Our neighbor thought she would come up to the car....nope.

By this point, Maddie was hot and tired so we continued our walk to our house and returned to make the loop one more time. I guess Katie saw where we were so she followed us...well kind of. We got Maddie inside and then continued our pursuit of Katie. Only problem with our neighborhood and the one we were chasing Katie in is that you have a to cross a fairly busy road to get to it. That is what scared me the most. Our entire neighborhood is surrounded by woods but on the other side of those woods is a really busy road. At one point, Katie crossed that busy road again when a car was coming. I sprinted out to the road and flagged the car down to stop. They did...and I waved to them...they waved back. Thankfully they didn't hit me on the way! lol Jason and I also tried to corner Katie in this yard that had a wood fence. She was smart and knew what was happening. She took of like a lightning bolt as close to the house as she could...I couldn't get her.

We helped chase Katie for the better part of an hour using Hot dogs, Dog biscuits, anything we could think of. Nothing worked. Finally Jason and I decided to try and get her back in that yard where the fence was so we could really tighten in on her and corner her.

By that point, her owner had changed cars to confuse her lol. They pulled up and with all four of us, we made a circle around her and closed in tighter and tighter. Finally, she decided she was trapped and worn out. She sat down in the grass and we were able to catch her.

We were thrilled! Yay!!

So our run/walk yesterday was very interesting. I set out to do 4 miles and I got 4 miles done! lol Sometimes I jogged, sometimes I walked, sometimes I sprinted. I bet this would make an interesting route if I were to plug my garmin into the computer! I was all over neighbor's yards and everything! lol We are SO grateful we don't have dogs that run!!!

Oh yeah, on top of all of that excitement, we had a baby snake on our back porch two days in a row. The first day, Jason couldn't see it very well, he just knew it was a snake....so he made sure the dogs left it alone. This time, when we got a good look at the snake, it looked like a copperhead. Not just your average garden snake! Yikes! It's head had kind of a diamond shape and it's body had a brown/black design on it. Jason got the shovel and took care of it! I don't need anything like that biting my babies!!! Just the thought of a snake gives me the creeps!!

Here's the picture I took...after the snake was dead, of course! lol


  1. Sounds like you a a great adventure on your walk/run today.

  2. I hate snakes! gross!
    glad you caught the dog!

  3. hahahahahahahaha That is too funny about Katie! I would have loved to have been with you on that run!

  4. That was an adventure catching that dog! I'll make a note of the techniques.

    Now that's what I call running with a purpose.

  5. Oh gosh! I'm so glad you caught her! Nothing scares me more than seeing a dog running across a busy street.

    That snake is sccaaary!


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