Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dresses! :0)

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Off topic from running for a minute and onto our CRUISE! Well, I've been searching and searching and searching for a dress for our cruise coming up at the end of September. I wanted one that had pockets, was a satin-ish material, and was deep purple. Seriously, I looked everywhere I could think of for this dress. Nothing even came CLOSE to it! So Friday after work, I decided to scour the mall one more time. I needed another item for a friends shower this weekend also. I started at JCPenny...nothing. Then Kohls, nothing....Sears, nothing. Finally, I decided to go into Dillards (the last department store in our mall). I found the thing for my friends shower first (should have started in Dillards I guess! lol) and I decided to just take a look at the dresses to see what they had. As I came off the escilator, my heart started beating faster...they had a TON of purple dresses with pockets!!!! I tried on dress after dress until finally finding one that fit perfect...but it was really plain and I kinda didn't like it! lol It wasn't that satin-ish material, either. So I held onto it and I decided to look through another part of the store. Well....there, hanging on the wall, was one satin-ish, electric blue dress with POCKETS and black trim! I got even more excited as I looked at the should fit! I put it on and it was like the dress was made for me. No, it's not purple, but I LOVE IT!!! I was so excited!

Which comes to the reason I have that verse at the top of this blog. God cares about the little things....He wants us to have only the best. He cares about the things WE care about. He knew exactly what I wanted and He brought me to it. It did take quite a few tries but that's's perfect and I can't wait to wear it on the cruise!!! :0)

The exact dress I had in my mind was a Marc Jacobs and was close to $300....that's just a little out of my price range! lol

What I found was incredibly similar, just what I wanted!


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  1. That looks so nice!! I love it!! I love that verse too! It is one of my favorites!


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