Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Glad it's not too hot out here!"

This morning, I ran my first long run in a while. Well, my first long run that required GU, that is. I usually do GU about every 45 minutes or so in a run. I don't do it in any runs shorter than 6 miles but for runs that are 6 miles and over, I use them! Mixed Berry won out in my flavor battle last night! lol

I got to our meeting spot early this morning and I left about 5 minutes earlier than the whole massive group of runners. There are pretty much runners going and coming all morning. Some start at 5 a.m. depending on their distance for the day. For the run I was doing, we started at 6:30 a.m. I prefer to run with just a scant amount of people (some in front some behind) instead of with a MASSIVE amount of people...don't know why...I just do.

So I got to the first water cooler and didn't pay enough attention to my wrist band (she had a 5 mile, 6 mile, and 8 mile route on it) and I ran the WRONG WAY! Ugh. When I realized that, I turned around but I was already .25 miles off course. Oh well. I figured that'll make up for the run I missed on Thursday night! lol

Overall, the run was great. My foot didn't bother me till about mile 4 but it was just a mild dull ache so I slowed it down a bit and it was fine. At water cooler #2, someone commented, "I'm glad it's not too hot out here today!" I looked up from my glass of water at all of the other runners around me who were soaked and dripping wet and we all laughed. Ironically, we knew what he meant. It was around 85 degrees and moderate humidity. It could have been WAY worse! This weather I could actually breathe in!

We had a seminar about training logs after the run which was neat! I found an app for my phone that I can use to keep track of how many miles I'm running on a weekly basis! It's neat!

We all train for a variety of races! (See mine on there? Disney FULL! Woohoo!)

After the run, I was SOAKED. Literally there wasn't a dry spot on me! It would have been alright but I had to go into Walgreens to get milk and it was cool in there and I thought I was going to FREEZE! Ugh miserable!!!

Now I'm off to a wedding with a coworker! :0) Yay! Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Hi Karen! I just found your blog and I am training for Disney too (HM though).
    Have you ever looked at for keeping track of your mileage? It's also a very supportive and awesome community of runners.
    Here's my page:

  2. Way to go on the 6 miles. That is so great! I bet you were soaked. At least you did not run late that evening and have to use the sprinklers. haha

    I like the shirt you have on. Is that one of the full training shirts?


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