Sunday, January 23, 2011

Official 2011 Disney Marathon Race Photos – ASI Photography

Thanks to the lovely photographers over at ASI Photography, I now have a new set of pictures to work with! :0)  Here’s my “official” professional photographs from the Disney Marathon.  I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about the Marathon now since this is the 6th post about it but I’m still excited and I can’t help myself! :0)


And they’re off!  18,000 runners….stretched back as far as you could see!  It was crazy!


We ran through Epcot the first time in the dark!  Very interesting! :0)  Something funny about the 2nd picture…I know the girl in purple…Courtney….but I wasn’t actually running with her!  We just happened to be in the same place at the same time! It’s Courtney from I Cano Do This! funny if you ask me!


Our first character stop!


Poor Bobby!  We just started and he already wasn’t a happy camper!


We loved the faces that Flynn Ryder was making!  He was so funny! :0)


The Fairy Godmother…I needed some Fairy Race Dust sprinkled on me!  Hehe! :0)  (That was especially for Heather!)

Last year for the Half, they didn’t get one single picture of me running out of the castle.  This time, I knew exactly where to run to make sure that didn’t happen again!

Not only did I get one….


I got two….


….and three shots!  I knew one of them was bound to come out!  The above picture is hands down my FAVORITE picture of them all!! :0)


Out of the Magic Kingdom….


…and Halfway there!


We found these guys on the Golf Course!


I still have no idea how Bobby got back up after this!  We were right at mile 18!  Haha!


I totally didn’t see this photographer!  I was probably updating my Twitter or sending a mass text to my family! :0)  Yes, I updated Twitter the entire race! (See the bottom of this post for a full Twitter recap!  Hehe!)


Mickey again!


Chip and Dale! 


Hollywood Studios!



Random Character shots from Hollywood Studios!


My mom apparently doesn’t watch the Disney Channel!  She wanted to know who guy with green bananas in his hair was!  Haha!


Running down Hollywood Boulevard!


Made it back to Epcot!  Almost there!!!


We can see the finish line!


.2 miles to go!  I’ve just run 26 miles and I’m still smiling.  Just goes to show you that Disney knows how to do it right! :0)


We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I wish my eyes were open!  Oh well!


What an amazing feeling!



Another favorite of mine!  I was very excited to take this one! :0)

Just incase you were wondering…..if you aren’t a Twitter follower of mine…yes, I updated my Twitter during most of the race!

Wanna see?  Ok! :0)

  • *Ugh. It's 2:45 am. Why did I say I wanted to do this again??? lol #wdwmarathon 1:58 AM Jan 9th 
    (apparently the time on my twitter was off from WDW time! :0)

  • *Riding over to the start line with @runningwithsass!! #wdwmarathon 2:54 AM Jan 9th

  • *Two years ago on this very day is where it all began! It's time to run a MARATHON! #wdwmarathon I will remember today forever! 2:57 AM Jan 9th

  • *RT: DisneySports Good luck to everyone running in the Walt Disney World Marathon today! #runDisney #WDWMarathonWeekend 4:30 AM Jan 9th

  • *It's go time! #wdwmarathon 4:33 AM Jan 9th

  • *Hills hills hills! Made it to mile 5!! #wdwmarathon 6:06 AM Jan 9th

  • *Mile 7 with @runningwithsass!! 6:55 AM Jan 9th

  • *Mile 11! Just ran through the castle!! #wdwmarathon 7:28 AM Jan 9th

  • *Almost to mile 15!! With @runningwithsass and her husband!! 8:23 AM Jan 9th

  • *At mile 18! Everything hurts now! Just took a pic with grave diggers! lol #wdwmarathon 9:18 AM Jan 9th

  • *Mile 22! It hurts to walk it hurts to run...ugh. #wdwmarathon 10:21 AM Jan 9th

  • *We did it!!! 26.2! I am now a Marathoner!!! :0) Thanks for all the support! #wdwmarathon 12:11 PM Jan 9th

    And just because I loved this from Morgan at Becoming Rooks….

  • *I love that @runningwithsass and @kren2700 are live tweeting while running the #wdwmarathon9:25 AM Jan 9th
    Thanks Morgan!  :0)

  • This should be my last 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon post for a while.  I can’t promise not to talk about it in upcoming blog posts, though.  I will probably talk about this race until the day I die for a really long time!

    Thanks for following along with my crazy, exciting, way-too-much-fun-for-a-marathon journey!!! :0)


    1. This is so AWESOME!!! I so want to do this! I just keep forcing my hubby to look at all your pictures. Looks like so much fun!! We will be in Disney in less than a week. YIPPEE!!!

    2. I love all the pics :) Congrats!!!! I hope I get to do this one someday.

    3. Love your pics! I'm so jealous - I didn't get a good castle pic. And yes, I will be talking about my race for a very long time too. HA1!

    4. Absolutely love your pics! As I'm still debating half vs. full for 2012, every time I read about your experience, I lean a little further towards the full. Congrats again on a great race!

    5. What great pictures! I love that you tweeted through the race...that's awesome! If I ran the WDW Marathon, I don't think I'd ever stop talking about it! Congrats :)

    6. woo hoo! love the pics. Once again, had a blast!

    7. Brag as much as you want! You're a marathoner!

    8. What amazing pictures. I already wanted to run Disney, but this made me want it even more!!

      Congrats on an awesome race!!

    9. Since I stalked all these pics on Facebook, I'll just repeat and say that they're all awesome! LOVE the pics of the three of you crossing the finish line! :)

    10. I love all of your pictures! Congrats on a successful race. I am wondering if you can tell me what kind of training schedule you used. The farthest race I have run is a 25k. I am thinking about running this as my first marathon in 2012 an am wondering what advice you have for a first timer, as well as a practical training schedule.


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