Thursday, January 6, 2011

Too excited to sleep! :0)

Whew.  This week is finally over!  I’m so excited I cannot fall asleep!  The bags are packed and everything is ready!  I NEED to fall asleep because we have to wake up at 4 a.m. to get on the road!

I’ve since made a small change to my race day outfit!  This crazy weather cannot make up its mind so I’m now going to wear a short sleeve shirt with the ROTE emblem ironed on!  No other changes…that’s all! :0)   As of today, and according to, the low for the race is 55 degrees and the high is 68-sunny!  Perfect race weather!  I say we deserve it after last year!!


Isn’t this cute?  A friend on the DISboards made it for me! :0)

Jason and I are watching “Waking Sleeping Beauty”…it’s a Disney history movie we got off of Netflix.  Hope this helps us fall asleep…since we are so excited and all…..

This will be my last blog post before the race!  If you want to follow along with my journey, you can become a friend on my twitter.  You can find a link to it on the left side of my blog homepage! 

Hope you have a Magical week!! :0)


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