Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Really really dumb!

Yesterday, I woke up with an achiness and soreness in my back.  The achiness went straight down my spine like a sore muscle and it felt as if I had worked out the day before after not doing so for a long time.

I also noticed that my inner thighs were sore.  I was so confused trying to think back on the events of the weekend.  I did run with my friends on Saturday, but we took it nice and easy and slow and were able to talk/laugh/joke the entire run. 

That couldn’t be it.

I got to work and I thought “hmm…am I having some sort of strange delayed muscle soreness from after the race?”  Dumb, I know cause it’s been 2 weeks now since my Marathon, but you never know.  This idea sounded really stupid to me (I’m a nurse for crying out loud) but I had nothing else to go on, so I went with it.

I called Heather and told her all about it.  We tried to reason and figure out what was wrong with me. 

I hung up the phone with Heather and thought some more.  I reviewed my day on Sunday step by step. 


Karen, you are officially an idiot.  I felt SO dumb. 

I spent an hour and a half in my flower beds on Sunday cutting out all of the dead stuff.  My time was very broken up in the flowerbeds cause I worked a little, got chased by this massive scary bee, came back inside, waited a while, then resumed my work.  (I’m sure that was pretty funny to see!)

I didn’t overexert myself and I never broke a sweat so that’s why the thought of my flower bed shenanigans never crossed my mind!  However, I was constantly up and down and up and down (like doing squats) and I must have worked some muscle groups that haven’t been worked in a while!

Wow.  I don’t think things through sometimes and I make myself look really stupid in the process. I’m sorry for the totally ridiculous phone call, Heather!  Can I blame it on “Marathon Brain”?  A lot of my patients say they have “chemo brain” and I’ve also heard of “baby brain” (from pregnancy hormones) so is there a such thing as “Marathon Brain”?  If not, I think there should be.  Cause I have it.

I do however have a BATTLE WOUND from the Marathon!  Woohoo!  I don’t get blisters (or I don’t usually get blisters) thankfully, so this is a different kind of battle wound (but it’s still on my foot!).

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I broke a bone in my right foot this past summer playing softball (my first ever broken bone!).


I probably started running on it about a week too early but through all my training, it only bothered me one time – a large mileage week. 

I was really worried about it with the Marathon but thankfully, my right foot never bothered me.

Instead, it was my left foot that gave me issues!  After the race, I started having a pain in my left foot (same spot as the broken bone on my right foot) and it felt funny when I walked.  It wasn’t excruciating pain and it felt fine when I walked in tennis shoes. 

Well, days after the Marathon, this funky bruise popped up…


I know it’s hard to see and this picture does not do it justice!  It was very dark and round.  Really strange.  What else is strange is it’s the pain on my left foot is the same exact spot as what I broke on my right foot!

I guess I broke a blood vessel or something, I don’t know!

That’s my claim to a battle wound and I’m sticking with it! :0)


  1. I hope you are feeling better! That is a good size bruise

  2. BAHAHAHA. hilarious. I was starting to get worried that something was wrong with your legs. You are such a dork!

  3. i've had sore muscles from gardening before. it's not obvious because it doesn't hurt when you are doing it, but you end up doing lots of squats and such!

  4. I've been crippled from gardening before :) It's amazing how it can take you down. Dormant muscles don't like being abused. I hope your foot gets better.

  5. I have had a bruise there before too. They are annoying.

  6. Gah, I hope your foot heals soon.

  7. ohh that is one hard thing with sport's injuries and getting injured! I hope your back feels better (isn't it funny when you do use muscles you aren't even aware of using?!) and that your bruised foot feels better too! BTW having a giveaway at my blog if you are interested!


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