Monday, August 15, 2011

ACS Gala!

Saturday night, our local chapter of the American Cancer Society hosted their Annual Gala! 


We were invited to the Gala as well as the Pre-Patron Party!


The Patron Party was held outside the ballroom and had a ton of yummy hors d'oeuvres!


They also had a little 3 piece ensemble and surprise surprise – one of Jason’s good friend’s was there!


After hanging around the patron party, we found our seats and the event began!

They had a silent auction as well as a live auction.  The food was absolutely amazing!


Duck Ravioli….SO good!

You know me….taking pictures of everything I eat! :p

294070_588672484141_68000952_32107028_4358535_n  297046_588672708691_68000952_32107037_3280056_n

Wedge Salad and Tenderloin with carrots and potatoes!


Dessert included Tiramisu and Biscotti…although there was no coffee to be seen!  Also, Jason and I split an Italian Cream Cupcake (there’s the “birthday” theme)!  They used the cupcakes for a raffle – you “bought” each cupcake for $5 and received a raffle ticket.  They announced the raffle winner at the end of the night. Unfortunately, we didn’t win! :0(


Jason and I!


My full ensemble!  Gotta love that rockin carpet!


A riverboat!  Which reminded me of a cruise ship…which got me even more excited for our upcoming cruise!  Wahooo!!!! :0)

On the workout side, Saturday morning, my friends and I ran 14 miles.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t and I’m still not sore AT ALL!  That surprises me because I was so sore after our 12 mile run the weekend before!  It was hot, although it wasn’t as hot as the 12 mile weekend!  We survived! :0)

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


  1. Looks like a fun time! I love tiramisu, I would think coffee would have been appropriate to serve with the dessert!

    Great job on the 14 mile run and not being sore!

  2. looks fun!! I've never been on a riverboat! congrats on the run!

  3. That food looks delicious!!! Yummy Yummy!!!


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