Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moooore Birthdays! :0)

With the recent talk of birthdays and celebrations, I realized that I forgot to blog about a LOT of very important birthdays!

My grandfather – my last living grandparent. He’s so darn cute and so sweet! He turned 91 this year and is still living on his own!

pawpaw pawpaw1

These photos are from his surprise 90th birthday party last year! We totally got him, too! :0)


Happy Birthday, Paw Paw!! :0)

My brother’s birthday happened a few weeks ago as well!


He turned 26 this year! 26…ohmygosh. Where does time go?!


Seems like just yesterday, he was this cute little kid, wishing he could grow up and be just like his big sister. Awww…. :0)

Even though it’s late, I hope that both my grandpaw and my brother had awesome birthdays!!! :0)

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