Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Annual Astros Adventure!


This past weekend, a group of friends and I travelled to Houston for our Annual Astros trip!


Our first stop was at Crave Cupcakes!  Have you ever been?  these cupcakes were amazing and oh so sweet!  I found out later that my Strawberry-bad-boy-goodness had a whopping 450 calories!  Holy smokes!  I ate every last bite! :0)  No guilt – the following day was a scheduled 12 mile run! 


After our amazing cupcakes, we killed time by walking around a few shops in the shopping center!


This home decor shop reminded me of my friend Christina (she's an interior designer)!


We felt as if this Zebra rug (head, tail, and all) was a little out of place, though!  Hah!


I found this guy outside the home decor shop.  Made me sad. In case you didn’t see it, my favorite Astros player - Hunter Pence was traded a few weeks ago to the Philadelphia Phillies….


We made it to Minute Maid Park!  We were early, so I suggested we wait inside the old train station entrance since it is air conditioned!


Definitely beat standing outside in the sweltering heat!!!


Notice I’m not wearing an Astros shirt?!  I was boycotting! My own little revolt against the Hunter Pence and Michael Bourne trade!!!!


Like my shirt?  I said I was going to make it and I did!! Those boys behind me were SO funny!  When we walked in, they gasped and said “OH MY GOSH IT’S A TEXAS RANGERS FAN!!!” 


My brother and Kayla were at the game, too!!

We did something a little different this game!  We were going to leave and eat at a pizza joint down the road, but decided instead to sit inside the 5/7 Grill in the outfield! 


Our group!


This area served alcohol (I don’t drink)…and they carded me!  It was my first time EVER to be carded!  How funny!  In order to get into this area, you had to be at least 21 years old.


Best part:  We were right next to the Astros Bullpen!  SO neat!!!


My friend Linzi and I couldn’t figure out what we wanted to eat, so we each ordered an entree and split them!  The Nachos were AMAZING!!!

astros8   astros17

Also, I was super excited to find that they had STEVIA for my tea!!!  How cool is that?!


Our view from the 5/7 Grille!  We were back in Center Field!  Definitely an interesting view!
After we ate, we decided to sit a few innings in our real ticketed seats!  Kinda funny – unknowingly, we bought tickets in the SAME exact section as my brother and Kayla!  How funny, right?! :0)


Outfield view!

During the 7th inning stretch, we went back down to our outfield seats for dessert!  I figured the ice cream would come as a few scoops in a helmet but NO!  They gave each of us an ENTIRE pint!  OMG!


Guess what? The Astros lost (what else is new?). 

After the game however, we got to see Friday Night Fireworks!!! 


No Disney World but still pretty neat!


Deep down, I’m still really upset with the Astros for their awful trade decisions however, I’m very happy for Hunter Pence. He’s playing for an amazing team with an awesome record and a shot at the World Series.  I hope they make it!  I’ll be cheering for them all the way!!! :0)


  1. It was great seeing ya'll there! So weird about us sitting in the same exact section and I didn't know this, but Shawntel and Cody were a couple of sections over at the SAME game too! I didn't find that out until we this week. haha

  2. Mmmm WAY to much good food on this post. That cupcake looks SO delicious and love the zebra rug, he he!


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