Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy National Running Day! :0)

I have a LOT of favorite days of the year and today is no exception! Along with Christmas, special birthdays, anniversaries, etc – National Running Day is high on my list as a favorite day!!


Get out and get moving today! Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 mile or 10 miles, just run!

National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running. Wherever we are and whomever we’re with, we run—fast or slow, alone or with others, all over town or just around the block. It is a coast-to-coast celebration of a sport and activity that’s simple, inexpensive, and fun. It’s the perfect way for longtime runners to reaffirm their love of running and for beginners to kick off a lifetime and life-changing commitment.

(Taken from the National Running Day website.)

Check out the National Running Day’s website for information on celebrating this fun day!


Many other companies are joining in the fun as well! is creating a National Running Day Mileage Reel where runners can enter the total amount of miles they ran – it will be neat to see the final total!


The Rock N Roll series (a part of Competitor) is also offering a special discount on race registration! Check out the Rock N Roll National Running Day campaign website for further information!

If you’re not a runner but want to become one, today is a great day to begin! Find a friend, a running buddy, even your dog (mine makes a great running partner), lace up your shoes, and head out the door!  There’s no better time than the present to begin!

My running group is meeting downtown this afternoon for a run followed by ice cream! Can’t beat post-run ice cream on a hot summer day!! :0)


I couldn’t have said it better myself, Kara! :0)

Happy National Running Day!!

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