Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running Day Recap

I hope you all had a fabulous Running Day!! :0)

The weather here turned pretty nasty just a few hours before our planned run but thankfully, it cleared up just in time! The rain also helped cool things off a bit which was nice!


My running buds and I met up with our running group for a 3 mile run in honor of this special occasion!

After our run, we had a very special treat…..


Ice cream with all the toppings! It was the GOOD kind of ice cream, too (Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla)! Yum!


I also logged my mileage on for this neat little badge. Yay!

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with my running group once again for something we call “GoRun After Dark”. Every Thursday, my running group meets up for an evening run followed by dinner at a local downtown restaurant. This will be our 3rd week and I’ve really enjoyed it so far!

I hope you had a fabulous Running Day as well! How did you celebrate?


  1. Oddly, Nationl Runnign Day was the first day in over a month where I didn't run or walk or anything for fitness. I just needed a rest day for a change. Go figure.

  2. This sounds like the perfect way to celebrate National Running Day!

  3. I worked late and missed my group run. :( But goodness, what I wouldn't give to have Blue Bell ice cream in my supermarket - love that stuff!!


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