Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Impromptu Valentines Day

Happy Wednesday!


I hope everyone had a fabulous Mardi Gras celebration yesterday! Several non southern friends on Instagram celebrated in their own little way and I hope they had a blast!

Since I only worked 1/2 day yesterday, Jason and I were able to spend the entire afternoon together which was amazing!

As we were getting things together for dinner, his work called - they need him for overtime on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Thursday Night = Valentines Day. I was incredibly disappointed because I was very much looking forward to our Valentines Day dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the overtime, it just came at a really bad time. Now, we have to wait until Rock and Roll New Orleans is over before we celebrate! Looking on the bright side – that just gives me something to look forward to! :0)

SO, instead of sulking, we made the best of it and had an impromptu Valentines Day celebration at home instead! Yay!


Jason made this amazing chicken fajita dinner and it was SO good!


Definitely one he’s allowed to make again! :0)


Our breakfast nook was already set and ready for Valentines Day!


We exchanged Valentines Day gifts (I told him not to get anything extravagant with our recent Disney trips). Chocolate = the way to my heart!


AND lucky for us, I had everything I needed to make chocolate dipped strawberries! Yay! The only thing we didn’t have on hand was the sparkling spumante, so Jason ran out to get some while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Neither of us drink, so we usually substitute for grape juice, etc for Valentines Day!


Chocolate dipped strawberries have been a tradition of ours for Valentines Day ever since we began dating back in 2006! Can’t let that tradition slide, especially not when chocolate is involved!

What will I do on Valentines Day instead? Well lets see…I kinda started spring cleaning so I might spend the afternoon doing that…..OR, I could watch…wait for it…Valentines Day the movie! (One of my favorites!) Who knows…there’s a world of possibility waiting for me! :0)

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

What are your Valentines Day plans?


  1. I'm kind of biased AGAINST valentines day because my b'day is the day before V-day and as a kid I always got the "happy valentines birthday" wishes. Plus it makes it hard (especially when vday is on a weekend) for us to go out for a birthday dinner. bleh. so yeah, i don't celebrate it anyway. I think doing it ahead of time on Tuesday made it more unique for you anyway!


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