Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Downton Abbey

Once in a while, I find something that completely captures my attention – be it a book or a movie or a new dish to cook – and when it captures my attention, it completely captures all of it!

I have to admit, I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked to this past week, because (thanks to a recommendation by my friend Heather), I found something new and boy has it captured ALL of my attention…


Source: Google Images

Yep, I’ve been bitten by the bug, too.

Downton Abbey….oh Downton Abbey.

I finished an entire 2 seasons of Downton in less than a week. I’ve caught up online and am now watching season 3 on PBS. I know that I could watch all of Season 3 online if I wanted to, but I would like to make it the last few episodes last as long as possible…so I’m only watching one episode a week now.

I’m a sucker for period films/books/dramas….if it includes history and elegance, I’m in.


The costuming….the homes….the furniture….the royalness and reglaness of it all…..the way of life….


I’m in love.


How have I had time to watch 2 and a half seasons in a little over a week? Well lets see….I watched every morning while getting ready for work, I watched as soon as I came home from work….my treadmill has gotten a lot of use this past week, too…so yeah, I watched while I worked out….

Tell me, are you a Downton fan too? I know I am not alone!


  1. I am a huge Downton fan! I'm trying to get my mom to watch the seasons now :) The costumes are amazing - I want some of those dresses!

  2. I've been thinking about checking it out! I've heard good and bad reviews, so I'm not really sure what to expect...

  3. I haven't seen it yet, but a colleague just lent me the first 2 seasons on DVD. I may try it out tonight! :)

  4. yay! I knew you would love it I am so glad you are watching now!

  5. This show is so stinkin addictive! I am waiting with baited breath for the new season to begin in a few days.


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