Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Health and Wellness Seminar with Biggest Loser Season 11 Ken & Austin

Good morning! Notice anything different? I kind of lost track of time last night while giving my blog a facelift. I didn’t get to bed until well after midnight. Whoops! I sure hope coffee will help perk me up today!

Thanks for all of the congratulations on the 5K! I had a blast and the weather was perfect…couldn’t ask for anything better!

This past week, my church hosted two former Biggest Loser contestants, Ken and Austin Andrews of Season 11. They were kept very busy the entire week – from speaking at area schools, to radio interviews, to seminars, to speaking during services – whew…I don’t know when they found time to sleep! We really enjoyed having them here and they were a blessing to many!!

Back to Saturday….after warming up with coffee at Starbucks, we made our way back to church to hear Ken and Austin speak in a Wellness Seminar.


We were given handouts at the door which contained a wealth of knowledge. I loved listening to these two guys speak! A whole seminar on nothing but nutrition and exercise? Right up my alley!


I was a diligent note taker! :0)

Ken and Austin covered many different topics such as:

  • Food journals – writing everything down (or electronically) helps keep track of your intake for the day and helps keep you more aware
  • Sleep! Sleep is very important to our overall health (a known fact, he was just emphasizing the point)
  • Calories – They explained calories in great detail and talked a little about the Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Fats – the different types of fats, examples of each, and which ones to avoid
  • Carbs and Protein – they discussed the types, examples of each, and why they are an important part of our daily diets


Ken taught us how to measure our food on a scale without dirtying more than just a bowl and spoon. I loved his idea!! He placed a bowl on the scale and zero’d it out. He then added his first ingredient (he already knew the exact weight in a serving), then zero’d the scale out again. Then, he added his second ingredient, zero’d the scale, etc etc. Pretty nifty idea!


He also mentioned one thing I loved – “If ants won’t carry it off, human beings shouldn’t eat it.” True story.

After the seminar, Kayla, Melissa, and I walked over to meet Ken and Austin and thank them for coming.



These two are the most genuine and some of the nicest guys you will ever meet. They did not know a stranger which meant they fit in perfectly with our culture. They welcomed everyone who came to speak with them and gave each person their full attention. It was refreshing – you don’t see that very often.

On Sunday morning, we had the privilege of hearing Pastor Ken speak. His message was incredible. He spoke about transformation and how much work it takes to get to that transformation moment. He also spoke about restoration, healing, and freedom.


After the service, Austin and Ken stood out in the Glass Foyer to shake hands and speak with people. People were very receptive to Ken and Austin – it was great to see others who care about health and wellness, too!


Sunday night, we heard from Austin.


He spoke an awesome message and encouraged us to challenge the things we are holding onto in our lives. If those things aren’t right or true, they will crumble. He encouraged us instead to hold on to Jesus, the real truth that cannot be denied.

Both of these guys are such awesome speakers, I was drawn in the entire time – during the Wellness Seminar, the Sunday AM service, and the Sunday PM service!

If these guys are ever in your area, I encourage you to check them out! They are hosting their first ever Faith and Fitness week in Waxahachie, Texas – May 19th-24th. It sounds as if it is going to be an amazing and life changing experience for many!


Check it out!

Also, you can follow Ken and Austin on several different media outlets:

-Ken’s Twitter
-Austin’s Twitter
-Retrofit Ministries Facebook

Have a fabulous Wednesday! :0)


  1. Wow! They sound awesome! I would love to hear them speak one day! I LOVE how a lot of the contestants from The Biggest Loser are doing such great things to help others! It's so inspiring!

    1. I agree..I love that, too!! There's so many contestants out there doing great things in the fitness world! Love it!

  2. What a cool talk! Awesome that you got to meet them. I like the food weighing idea--so simple, yet genius. :)

    1. I thought the same thing! So simple and easy! Why didn't I think of that? LOL

  3. I think Ken and Austin inspired a lot of people in eating healthy and exercising. Telling people what they experienced and what to do will do a lot of help specially to people that are having a hard time loosing weight.


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