Friday, May 2, 2014

Fitness Friday–5/2

Can you guys believe it’s already May?

It's Gonna Be May

Even though May happened yesterday, I still had to do it.  :)

It’s time for another Fitness Friday!


Here’s how my week looked:

Saturday – 8 hours working on the patio
Sunday – 3 hours working on the patio
Monday –  3 hours working on the patio
Tuesday – 2 mile run
Wednesday – 4 mile run
Thursday – 2 1/2 hours working on the patio
Friday – Possibly a run with a friend – if not, more patio work. I’m hoping to have it completed tonight!

We’ve had beautiful weather this week & I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to squeeze in a few runs between backyard work!

4 mile Run

The flowers were beautiful, too!

I’m looking forward to an 8 mile run tomorrow with a friend and hoping for more beautiful weather. It could stay like this, really…it could.

Last but not least, I leave you with a  few quotes – both of which I found on Instagram and loved!

(2) Encouraging QuoteEncouraging Quote

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans?


  1. Sounds like a great week! Hope you guys can finish that patio and enjoy it before it gets too hot out!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished patio!
    We leave for NOLA today for my grandmothers funeral :(

  3. I'm totally jealous about your weather. It's been hotter than blazes out here with temps in the mid to upper 90's since Monday. It's supposed to cool this weekend. I'm really hoping so because I'm running in the OC Half Marathon on Sunday.

    Hope that fantastic weather continues for you this weekend!

  4. I was looking at your previous entry ... I can't imagine running in Louisiana! I used to live in Lake Charles, and the humidity nearly kilt me!

  5. I bet the patio is going to look fabulous! So tell me what the significance of the first picture is? Some one else posted that on their blog today and said something like " I assume you all know that this is referring too" well, like an idiot, I have no idea what it is referring to. Is that the kid from One Direction ( ok, if it's not, please don't laugh at me).

  6. Love those quotes! And holy wow, that is a lot of patio work hours!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this, I really needed this.


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