Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Plantation Homes Take 2

Over the weekend, a friend of mine and I decided to take a drive down Louisiana’s famed River Road to visit a few plantation homes I hadn’t yet toured (there’s still quite a few out there, believe it or not!).

What should have been a 2 1/2 hour drive to get there turned into a 4 1/2 hour drive because of an accident on the interstate and re-directed traffic.

All that matters is we made it to our first home before the final tour of the day with 10 minutes to spare. Whew. (We were stressing!)

Touring Plantation Homes

Our first stop was at Evergreen Plantation. We decided on this home because a lady from our town purchased and refurbished the home back in the 1940’s – she also named it Evergreen for the rows upon rows of Oak trees on the grounds.

Evergreen Plantation (1)

The movie Django Unchained was filmed here (haven’t seen the movie, just heard about it).

Evergreen Plantation (2)

The Oak Alleys are breathtaking. Had I known about this place 7 years ago as a bride, I would have asked to take my bridals here! :)

Evergreen Plantation

Here’s the home itself – doesn’t it remind you of Port Orleans Riverside at Disney World?

Evergreen Plantation (3)

This home and grounds are still a functioning sugar cane plantation! By the summer, these tiny sprouts will be really tall sugar cane!

Our second home of the day was named San Francisco Plantation. I sure wish I could have gotten a picture of the front of the home – but a fence was placed after 911 and it’s impossible to see the front of the home without a chain link fence in view. Sad times.

San Francisco Plantation

This is by far one of the most colorful plantation homes I’ve visited (both inside and out)!

San Francisco Plantation (5)

A view of the back of the home.

San Francisco Plantation (3)

We were the last ones to leave the grounds before this plantation home closed for refurbishment. As of Sunday,  a $1.3 million dollar refurb began that will last until September. I would love to visit the home again after the refurb to see the updates!

San Francisco Plantation (4)

We had a wonderful time and finished off our trip with a little retail therapy! Overall (despite the crazy morning traffic), it was a beautiful and a great day!

Have you ever visited a place where a movie or certain movies were filmed?


  1. Awesome trip! We visit Nottaway, Oak Alley and The Myrtles quite often. We usually like to try to do the Myrtles haunted tour at least once every few years and we are due for another one there soon!

  2. How fun! I love visiting old homes like that!

  3. I've visited Boone Hall plantation where the notebook was filmed (and where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married). It was gorgeous, if you're ever in Charleston you should visit!

  4. I used to pass this little church in Pasadena every day on my way to work. There were always film trucks out in front of it and I've seen it show up now and then on different TV shows and movies. Those houses are impressive, though!

  5. Absolutely stunning homes!! Sounds like a fun road trip!

  6. You seem to like history like I do. I think you would enjoy visiting the Newport Mansions in Rhode Island. They are gorgeous homes from the turn of the century where politicians and the Railroad typhoons had their summer homes ( Kennedy's, rockafellers, etc). When we visited they had said the film 27 dresses was filmed there. They are just beautiful. You should look it up.

  7. I love the mansions in Newport, RI, but my favorite old buildings are those in England such as Buckingham Palace, and some of the old castles like Windsor Castle, and Warwick Castle


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