Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Running at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Over the weekend, my husband a few friends of ours visited Vero Beach, Florida and spent a night at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

As per my usual Saturday morning routine, I woke up early and went for a run around the resort. I love running in new places and seeing new things…I’ve found that running through and around a resort is a great way to see all a resort has to offer!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (17)

Our first stop was a the front desk to ask if the resort offered a jogging path/track.

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (97)

We were given this map by the front desk attendant and were told that there’s no “official” jogging path (hello, New Balance!), but we could take a tunnel to cross the street (more on that in a sec) and run around the lake. She also explained that’ there’s a seven mile loop down a dirt rode (hence the box with an arrow in the above diagram). We were looking to run 3-4 miles, so we decided to run around the resort instead of taking the 7 mile loop.

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

One of my favorite Vero Beach landmarks. :)

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (3)

My running buddy for the morning…

We began our run around the resort, then decided to cross the street and run around the lake.

As a safety measure, Vero Beach Resort offers a way to cross the busy street in front of the resort without actually crossing the street itself – it’s a tunnel that goes beneath the road!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (5)

The tunnel is filled with Peter Pan characters and plays the Peter Pan soundtrack on a continuous loop. Adorable.

I might have run through the tunnel with my arms stretched out singing “You can fly…you can fly…you can flyyyyy…” Yeah, I did.

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (6)

Why would you want to cross the road? Well, there’s a beautiful lake across the street as well as a nature trail, gaming courts (basketball, volleyball, etc), and lots of fun things to see!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (11)

We followed several paths around the lake and discovered an activities hut and a nature trail!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (8)Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (9)

Our run around the resort turned into a part trail run!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (10)

After running around the lake, we crossed back through the tunnel and ran around the resort a bit more…

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (13)

The grounds of this resort are just gorgeous…and shaded which was perfect for a warm and humid morning in May!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (14)

I even captured this sweet bunny as part of the Summer Run Hunt from Fairytales and Fitness!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (4)

In the back corner of the resort is an additional access to the beach. It’s also located next to a restroom and water fountains which was perfectly placed for us!

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (15)

Last but not least, we finished our run on the sidewalk that ran in front of the resort. In order to reach our mileage, we ran all the way down the sidewalk until it ended. As we returned to the resort, we finished our run right at 3 miles.

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (16)

I loved running around Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – it was a great way to explore the resort and see things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise!

If you’re interested in working out or running on a treadmill, the resort also offers 24 hour access to the Anchors A-weigh (cute, huh?) Fitness Center.

Running at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (2)

Do you like to run or workout on vacation? Do you prefer the resort gym or running outside?


  1. What a great post! I love running outside at new places. I think it adds an additional dimension to the vacation and you get to do a "free" activity! This looks like such a lovely resort. Does that tunnel go under a highway? Is that why the road is so busy? I pictured Vero Beach being a little secluded from traffic.

    1. I agree with you completely!! I don't think it's a highway, but its a semi-busy road that runs in front of the resort:

  2. love to run on vacation - outdoors - great way to sight see.

  3. I love staying active on vacation! I say skip the hotel gym and run outdoors!

  4. The Vero Beach resort is really pretty and what a fun way to explore the grounds by running around. I love the tunnel with Peter Pan music. As always, a very clever design by the folks at Disney.

  5. Vero Beach sounds wonderful! And I L-O-V-E the Peter Pan themed tunnel. This is definitely on our travel bucket list!

    1. Yes, that was a favorite too!! You would really enjoy this resort!

  6. I love that landmark sign it's so cute! That tunnel sounds adorable.

  7. Oh I LOVE that sign!!! I definitely prefer running around the resort than inside! And I LOVE running while on vacation! Love seeing all the new things while I run!

    1. Same here, Mindy! It's a nice way to see new things and explore a resort!

  8. Awesome post and glad you had such a wonderful run there! The resort is beautiful!

  9. It's too bad you did run to the off-site trail - it's a hard packed sand road with views of the intercoastal waterway and no traffic. Look forward to it with every Vero visit.


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