Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5K Planning

What a week it’s been so far and it’s only Wednesday! Thank goodness the weekend is around the corner!

Here’s a synopsis of my plans for yesterday:

  • Work (during the day…until 3:30 p.m.)
  • Run/mark Saturday’s 5K course
  • Take a shower at church (no time to go home)
  • 5:30 p.m. work meeting downtown
  • 7:15 p.m. dinner with husband and parents

I wasn’t sure if my well-laid plans were going to work out. Shortly after lunch time, the sky began turning gray. As the afternoon rolled by, the clouds began turning more and more ominous. The rain began pouring down and I text the race director to tell her I might not make it, depending on the rain.

The weather forecast told me that Wednesday afternoon looked even worse. Not good.

As I left work, I noticed a slight break in the rain and realized (according to the satellite) that I had about an hour window before the next band of rain hit.

I decided to go for it and met up with the race director. Guess what? It didn’t rain the entire time I was running! Yay!

Our reasoning for laying this course out on foot came about after last year’s race – that 5K ended at 3.25 miles and we wanted it to be exact this year.

5K Planning

One portion of the course had no sidewalk, so she followed me in her car. It was a 4 lane road and seriously y’all, I felt like an Olympian or something. It was rather amusing. Cars would pass and slow down to see who was running in front of the white vehicle. Nobody important, just me!

One things for sure, having a car follow me made me run faster! My first mile was a 7:45…I wondered where in the world that came from and knew I would pay for it at the end.

5K Planning (2)

I was right – by the last mile, my legs were dying and my pace slowed down significantly. My last mile was around an 8:50…I’ll have to watch that for Saturday morning!

With this weather/humidity/summer, I’m curious to see how Saturday’s race turns out!

After the run, I showered (yes, at church!) and made it in time for my work meeting downtown!

5K Planning (3)

From stinky and gross…

5K Planning (4)

…to smelling nice and feeling better…in less than an hour! It’s a record! :0)

Oh yes, and I also made it to dinner with my family on time, too! I walked in the restaurant not long after they sat down.

Whew what a day! I’m so glad today is Wednesday – I’m looking forward to the weekend and relaxing!

Have you ever helped plan a race, been a race director, or volunteered at a race? Share your experience!


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  1. Yes me and my running group have put on our own 5K race the past 4 years! It's a lot of work! But fun! I love that you had a "pace car!" :-)

  2. What fun! That is funny that people were slowing down to see who was running. Chances are that they still probably thought you were someone famous! That would be funny if people started taking pictures.
    The year my sister ran the Boston marathon, I had an invitation to ride in one of the pace cars with one of the camera crews or wait with the press at the hotel. I thought it was funny that they kept telling me that if I chose to ride in the car that I couldn't go to the bathroom for over 2 hours. On a normal day that would be no problem but when some one keeps making a point to tell you that you cant go it starts to make ya nervous,,, haha!

  3. One thing I have wanted to do is to be part of putting on a race, more then just volunteering. I love all that detailed planning. One day, I hope.

  4. That is so cool you got to mark a course! That 7:45 mile is impressive!!

  5. Congrats on your 7:45 mile, that is awesome! Um, I bet it was super cool to have a pacer car behind you! Love it!

  6. Great run, lady! I bet I would run faster if a car was in front of me too - a little pressure! You will have a great race!

  7. That's so cool that you got to map out the 5k course! I'd be running faster too with a car following me. :) Nice run and nice job getting everything done. Busy day for sure!

  8. What a cool experience! I've never organized race. I would love to do a local 5K for my church.

  9. I've never organized a race or helped out...but that is next on my list...even if it is just packet pick up :)



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