Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bucket List Races

As a runner, I’ve tossed around the idea of various destination marathons in my mind. I love travelling for racing purposes, so I decided to compile a list of races I’d like to run somewhere along the way! A little racecation never hurt anyone! :0)
Marathon Bucket List

\Without further adieu, here’s my marathon bucket list!

Honolulu Marathon

Honolulu Marathon
For my senior trip, we visited Hawaii and Honolulu was one of our destination cities. I would love to run a marathon there!


Kona Marathon

I’ve never visited the Big Island (but would love to)! What better way to see the island than to run through it?

Alaska run cruise

Great Alaskan Running Cruise

Amazing, right?! Who wouldn’t jump at this opportunity? It’s a 7 night cruise with a race at each port of call and a run or two on the ship. By the end of the week, participants will have run the distance of either a half or a full marathon (runners choice). To top it off, this run cruise is hosted by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield! It’s definitely added to my list!  I’ve seen these advertised for the Caribbean, too…just something to think about!


Prince Edward Island Marathon

It’s been a dream of mine for a very long time to visit Prince Edward Island. To be honest, it’s one of the places I absolutely must visit before I die. Anne (from Anne of Green Gables) and I have been friends (not literally) for a long time and it’s been a dream of mine to visit and tour this island! Add a marathon in the mix? Let’s go…like now.

Rock n Roll Nashville Start Line

Rock 'n' Roll Country Music Marathon - Nashville

A marathon in the capitol of country music? Yes, please! The proceeds also benefit St. Jude’s – what could be more convincing than that?!

Rock N Roll USA Marathon Washington DC

Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon – Washington DC

While we’re on the subject of Rock ‘n’ Roll races, here’s another one I’d love to complete – the USA Marathon in Washington DC. I’ve never visited our State Capitol and would love to do so one day!

Nike Women's Half Marathon DC 

Nike Women’s Half Marathon – Washington DC

Another race I’d love to run in DC is the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Who doesn’t love a little bling after a race – and this one’s from Tiffany & Co!

Tiffany Bling Nike Women's DC

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Logo

Tinkerbell Half Marathon - California

Last but not least is runDisney’s Tinkerbell Half Marathon in California. This is a race that I haven’t yet run but would love to. I really enjoyed the Disneyland Half as part of Dumbo’s Double Dare last year – another Cali race would be fantastic! Would I wear fairy wings? You bet! The pink Coast-to-Coast medal is super alluring as well.

I also would love to add a marathon in Europe somewhere, but haven’t researched them enough to know which one I want to run! Disneyland Paris, perhaps? Hmmm…only time will tell! :0)
There you have it…my bucket list of races! I look forward to running these in the future – a girl’s gotta dream, yes?

Have you run any of the races mentioned here? What’s one “must do” race on your bucket list?


  1. I am thrilled that you have a Canadian race in your bucket list! :) I share a number of your bucket list races--and am hoping to get Tink taken off the list in May 2015! hint hint! lol

  2. Love this post!
    So cool that you got to go to Hawaii for a class trip!
    I visited Alaska a few summers ago. It wasn't any place I ever wanted to visit but I am glad I did. It's beautiful.
    I also want to do Nike Women's half in DC since it's so close to my home but it is the same weekend as Big Sur so it might have to wait till 2016!
    Tinkerbell is definitely on our short list and we plan to go in 2015! We hope to see you there! Great post!

  3. I really want to do RNR Half DC and Nike Women's Half too! My SIL lives in DC, so it shouldn't be too hard to swing it one of these days.

  4. I would love to do the alaska running cruise!!!! Also, I can vouch for Tink- it's a lot of fun! I loved the army 10 miler in DC too so I imagine any race in DC would be a lot of fun. :)

  5. Tink was my first runDisney race and it was AMAZING! I'd also like to do the DC races as that's just a few hours from here. I was looking at the cruise races a few months back and that looks totally fun. I've never done a cruise but adding some running in makes me feel better about all the food! There are a couple races on the Great Wall of China that have been piking my interests lately.

  6. Those all look great esp the cruise. I'd love to run one in Paris or the south of France.

  7. That Alaskan running cruise sounds amazing!!! I want to do that!!! And of course I want to run any of the runDisney races in Cali. And I've been wanting to run Rock 'n' Roll Nashville for a long time! Maybe one day!!!

  8. The Alaskan Cruise one and the Prince Edward Island ones look amazing =)

    The Princess Half in Disney World is on my bucket list... someday

  9. There are a bunch of these that I want to do as well!

    The R&R in Nashville is a ton of fun. Highly recommended.

  10. I like the sound of the the Great Alaskan Running Cruise. That sounds fun! I don't know that I have any races on my running bucket list. I don't really enjoy traveling for a race but I would love to run a half in Hawaii and California some day.

  11. The nike women's race in washington dc is one i'd like to do as well.

  12. All great races! I volunteered at the Nike Women's in DC this year and it looked like a great time!! Rock N Roll USA is also a great race. Ummm, and yes to Honolulu!!

  13. Awesome list! I'd love to run any of these!

  14. I'd love to run a race on any of the Hawaiian islands. So beautiful there! The running cruise also sounds like fun!

  15. Awesome list of races, I really want to do the Hawaiian ones too! The hills may be killer but they are so picturesque!

  16. I would LOOOOVE to do a race in Hawaii. Love, love. I want to do more international races - the Paris marathon, if I ever do a marathon. Or, fingers crossed, a Disneyland Paris half marathon :)

  17. Mine are London, Paris, NYC, and Chicago for full marathons.
    Monterey (Bis Sur), Nike Women's SF, and Princess half.


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