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Vega Sport, Fuel Your Better

Vega Sport Fuel Your Better

Throughout my years as a runner, I’ve sampled and tried various pre-workout powders and drinks without luck.

I’m not into the caffeine that’s found in a lot of beverages on the market and I don’t like a chalky taste when it comes to a pre-workout drink.

Vega Sport Fuel Your Better (2)

When I discovered that Vega Sport was partnering up with Sweat Pink for a Fuel Your Better Campaign, I jumped all over it! We were given an option of different fuel types to try, and I chose the Pre-Workout Energizer beverage.

Vega Sport Fuel Your Better (3)Vega Sport Fuel Your Better (4)

I was sent a box of Lemon-Lime flavored packets to test and I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge lemon lime fan. Sad times.

However, I decided to go give the energizer a try and see what I thought. I also gave a packet to a running friend for her opinion since she’s more a lemon-lime fan (I simply asked her to test it out and tell me her thoughts).

On first try, my powder was way over-diluted (completely my fault). Each packet includes a LOT of powder and I can say that yes, one packet is for 8 oz of water only. :0)

My second try was much better, but I’ll be honest – I wasn’t a fan of the flavor. Neither was my running friend. We both tried this drink at separate times and had the same opinion.

I did drink the entire 8 oz because I wanted my review to be an overall one – how the energizer made me feel DURING my workout, etc, not just the initial glance.

Despite the flavor, I loved the way that Vega Sport’s Pre-Workout Energizer made me feel during my workout! I ran 10 miles that morning and never felt a drop in my performance, never felt my heart race (as I’ve had problems with this in the past with other pre-workout beverages) – I felt as if the drink gave me the perfect boost that lasted throughout my entire run.

During my Spring Cleaning run a few weeks ago, I found that I did indeed have another packet of Vega Sport Energizer, only in the Acai Berry flavor! Before my next run, I gave the Acai Berry flavor a try and definitely felt much better about the flavor!

Would I purchase this item on my own? In the Acai Berry flavor, yes. However, if you’re a lemon-lime fan, this flavor of pre-workout beverage is right up your alley.

Vega Sport Fuel Your Better

The Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer is available in Lemon Lime and Acai Berry flavors only.

Check out all of the other great products available through Vega Sport – they range from Hydrators to Energy Bars and Gels!

Do you have a favorite pre-workout beverage or food? Please share! I would love to hear about your routine!

Disclaimer: I received this product from Vega Sport & Sweat Pink for review with no compensation for this post. All opinions are honest and are my own.


  1. Glad you liked the Berry flavored one. I tried the Vega protein powder and I thought it was a little too "earthy" tasting for me, even when I mixed it in with my smoothies. I thought maybe this drink would be the same. So you didn't think it was too earthy tasting? (Does that even make sense?)

    1. Yes I completely understand what you're saying. I haven't tried their protein powder, but I do agree with what you're saying about the taste! I tried their gels in the past and the consistency wasn't what I was expecting. They were ok, just not my favorite.

  2. Acai berry flavors are my favorite!! I haven't tried a Vega product yet, but they are all over the blogging world right now with great results it seems!

  3. I love the Vega Sport products!!! I also have my favorite flavors, and overall I'm also not a fan of any of their lime/lemon flavors. I love the gels and the fact that they are actually pieces of fruit! I love the hydrator and accelerator recovery drink. Well, I just love them all. I am not vegan, just a lacto ovo right now, but Vega fits me and my endurance sports needs!! Great write up!

  4. My favorite pre workout is advocare spark. Yummo! Never tried vega before!


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