Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Friday–7/25

Happy Friday! What a crazy week this has been! We are currently undergoing upgrades to the equipment in our department at work, so our work hours have shifted a bit to accommodate down time. I can’t wait until we are up and running for good!

Despite the business, lots of fun things happened this week!

Fitness Friday 7-25 (4)

During Wednesday’s run, I saw a lot wildlife. They were all out to enjoy the beautiful weather!

I loved the family of turtles – aren’t they adorable? One turtle was scared and jumped in the water but the rest stayed put as I ran by!

The bunny rabbits (there were two) were incredibly brave. They didn’t dart away until I got super close. See the  mound of dirt next to the bunny? That’s a crawfish hole!

Another creature I spotted on Wednesday's run was a snake. I stopped to change a song on my iPhone and put my hair up when I saw something moving by my foot out of the corner of my eye.  I did a double take when I realized that it was a snake. (FREAKED me out.) He wanted to get away from me as fast as I wanted to get away from him. No picture, unfortunately!

Fitness Friday 7-25

Yesterday was Free Tea Day at McAlisters! I make it a point to stop every year on free tea day (and other multiple days throughout the year). Free Tea Day is even marked on my work calendar!

Fitness Friday 7-25 (5)

Last night, Jason and I went out for Sushi. We saw this “special” sign at the door and that sealed it for us! We aren’t super adventurous when it comes to sushi (Jason actually doesn’t like fish)…but we do like trying new things! We both enjoyed this roll with spicy tuna! :0)

Fitness Friday 7-25 (3)

Look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday!

Fitness Friday 7-25 (2)

106 days until Wine and Dine Half! Can’t wait!!


Currently training for:
Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon
Louisiana Half Marathon
Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon
Disney's Glass Slipper Challenge

Saturday – 8 miles with running group
Sunday – Rest Day
Monday –  2.5 miles with Jason 
Tuesday –  Unexpected rest day (oh well,those happen)
Wednesday – 3 mile run
Thursday – Cross train – it’s been too long, I needed this!
Friday – Run after work, not sure of the distance

On Saturday, I’m planning a long run followed by a bridal shower (this time I’m just attending!) and ending with dinner with a friend. I love weekends! :)

Have a fabulous one!!

When dealing with wildlife while out for a run, have you ever come across something that scared you? Perhaps a wild animal or a snake? What did you do?


  1. Not while running, but I've seen a good amount while driving around town. I've seen coyotes and armadillos and the armadillos were alive!

    1. We have lots of armadillos around here, too...and possums! Never seen a coyote, though!

  2. I would not have stopped to take a picture of a snake either! Ick! Around here I don't see much besides deer and geese. The deer will let us get closer than I am comfortable, and I am always afraid the geese are going to chase me - they do hiss, but have never chased me. LOL

    1. I've been chased by geese, too! Once in a wedding gown (while taking bridal pictures). What a funny memory!!

  3. Great week of runs Karen! I see bunnies a lot on my runs too! The turtles are so cute! And yes...I've seen plenty of scary wildlife! Snakes the most but last weekend a crawfish scared me lol! He was out on the sidewalk and had his claws raised at me like he was yelling at me! It's funny now but at the moment it scared me! ;-)

  4. We have a little park/lake with a 1.5 mile running trail, which is where I typically go. There are tons of geese there, and I always worry that they're going to attack me!

    1. Oooh geese...they are crazy! I was chased by one while I was taking my bridal pictures. It was hilarious!

  5. I am absolutely terrified of deer...yes, it's irrational, but I have come face to face with several deer when I run on the trails. I try to make as much noise as possible to scare them off...and if that doesn't work I turn around and go the other direction. I am absolutely certain that one of these days a deer is going to run out onto the trail and side swipe me...ugh!


    1. Definitely not irrational! We drive near a state park at night sometimes and I'm always worried a deer will run out into the road in front of me (it's happened a lot to others in the area).

  6. YAY I can't wait til Wine & Dine!! Getting so close to under 100 days :0)

    I have yet to see a snake on an outdoor run yet, but I saw a few around my old apartment complex and every single time I have a mini heart attack. I hate snakes so much!

    1. Aaah! Won't be long, almost in the double digits!! Can't wait! I hate snakes, too. Ugh.


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