Friday, July 4, 2014

Fitness Friday–July 4th

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day

I want to take a moment to thank the men and women who are serving in our armed forces, constantly protecting our right to freedom. Your sacrifice is incredible and I appreciate all you do for our country!

This past Sunday in church, we celebrated the 4th of July and paid tribute to our Veterans. It was very touching to see our Vets step up on stage as their branch’s song was sung – it’s my favorite part of our 4th of July service each year!

Today, I’m running our area’s “4 on the 4th” race – it’s a 4 miler on the 4th of July. I didn’t have a chance to run the race last year, but I did run it the year before and let’s just say…I pushed myself a little too hard…and after I crossed the finish line, so did the contents of my stomach. Gross. Yes.
Hopefully I learned my lesson and am able to behave myself today. I’m running this one solo (without my running buddy), so we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s a look back at my week so far:


– GT 5K  
Sunday – Rest Day
Monday –  3 mile run 
Tuesday – After work dinner meeting that went on
fooor-evvvv-errrr  (aka no workout)
Wednesday – 3 miles with Jason 
Thursday – Unplanned rest day
Friday – 4 mile race

This Saturday begins sign up for my running group’s new season! I’ll be honest, I’m excited to get back into a training program and start logging higher mileage again. I need it for sure! We haven’t decided how far we’re going just yet…

I also have plans to clean out the garage, finish baby shower planning, and weed the flower bed. My brother and sister-in-law are coming over for dinner and downtown fireworks tonight so that will be fun! Other than that, I hope to accomplish everything I need to this weekend. I just love having three days off work in a row!

Last but not least, here’s the winner of the Pure Via Giveaway…

Pure Via Winner

Congratulations, Mary! Send your mailing address to and I’ll get it where it needs to go! :0)

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th! What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Happy 4th of July! Beach weekend for us :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Happy 4th! Our church did a service like that on memorial day and I assume they probably did it for the fourth maybe last week too ( I didn't go).
    The race sounds fun. Have a good time and I hope it ends better than the last time you ran it!

  3. Happy 4th Karen! Hope the race went well!!!

  4. Hope you had a great 4th! Great job on your workouts!!


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