Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mizuno Wave Kazan’s–Blaze New Trails

Through Mizuno and Fit Fluential, I was given the opportunity to test the brand spankin’ new Wave Kazan trail shoes. Even though these shoes were sent to me free of charge, all opinions stated below are my own. :)

Upon immediate inspection, I fell in love with the colors…these shoes are bright!

Mizuno Wave Kazan (2)

To date, I’ve taken these shoes out on two different types of runs – the first was my running group’s bridge run and boot camp and the second was a trail run in the woods near my house.

Mizuno Wave Kazan (7)

The Mizuno Wave Kazan’s are equipped with concave Wave Technology which cradles the heel and helps promote a smooth transition through your running form.

The Wave Kazan’s specifically are Mizuno’s most versatile, all-terrain shoe.

Mizuno Wave Kazan (3)

I immediately noticed a difference with these shoes when I first put them on. The soles of these shoes contain an x-groove which helps adapt to uneven surfaces. Guys, I LOVED running on through the trail with these shoes. Comfortable & lightweight (weighing in at 8 oz for women and 9.5 oz for men) – I felt as if I was running on a soft bed of pillows (it was actually pine needles but who’s asking anyway?).

Mizuno Wave Kazan (5)

Did you know that Mizuno is making a commitment to the trail? They’ve taken their ever popular Wave Ascend’s and added its technology to their Wave Kazans and Wave Hyate’s (not pictured here).

Mizuno Wave Kazan (6)

I truly felt as if I was given the best of both worlds – a lightweight trail running shoe which also offered protection and stability! I also had a great run at that!

Mizuno Wave Kazan (4)

For me, running the trails was a great way to beat the summer heat – the woods were nice, shaded, and much cooler than the road.

In the creation of these shoes, Mizuno worked with an Olympian for his thoughts and opinions!

As a runner who loves Mizuno (it’s the only shoe I run in), I was thrilled for this opportunity. Thanks, Mizuno and Fit Fluential!

Where are you going to Blaze New Trails this year? Do you enjoy running trails?


  1. I love fun colored shoes! I'm terrified to run on a trail...I'm not the most graceful person :P I think for now I'll stick to the roads :)

  2. I just got into trail running and absolutely love it! Since Sunday I have logged 8 miles on the relaxing and enjoyable! Love those Mizuno shoes- the colors are great!

  3. I love brightly colored shoes, and these do not disappoint! I don't really run trails, but I'd like to give it a try - just need to find one around here, and also a running partner. Running on trails alone intimidates me!

  4. Cute shoes! I love trails, and I'm hoping to do blaze some new ones next week in Colorado.

  5. I enjoy trail running very much (mostly because they provide shade). My mom has a new pair of wave runners. I haven't tried them but I love the color of yours!

  6. Those shoes are very pretty Karen. I received a pair of Mizuno shoes to try a few years ago and they just did not work for me. I am a Brooks girl and do not deviate!

  7. The colors are so cute! I wish I could wear Mizunos but they don't work for me. I'm a true Asics girl! I also wish there were trails where I live to run on. That's why I stick to the road because it's the only thing really available!

  8. I am loving these shoes. So glad you are enjoying them too.

  9. I might look into these when I need new shoes. Running on a soft bed of pillows sounds good!


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