Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY: Deco Mesh Wreath Take 2

When I began decorating for Fall, I knew something was missing – my front door wreath. I searched and searched but never could locate the wreath.

I finally gave up the search and decided to create my own – that’s more fun anyway! :)

My last blog post on DIY Deco Mesh wreaths was such a hit with Pinterest, I decided to do a “take 2”…this time with better pictures!

Deco Mesh Wreath 19

My initial “pin-spir-ation” for a Fall wreath came when I ran across the following picture and fell in love!

Pinterest Wreath

I referenced the above picture several times when purchasing items for my fall wreath, but decided to go with lighter deco mesh in the end. (It’s funny how much different my wreath turned out, but I still love it!)

So, you want to make your own Deco Mesh Wreath? It’s super easy, you’ll just need a few supplies.

  • 16 inch wreath with tinsel ties (not a “Christmas wreath” full of garland that you see around the holidays). Craft stores carry these year round – I purchased mine at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon. Hobby Lobby also has 40% off coupons on their app.
  • 2 rolls of 21 inch deco mesh (or how every many colors you want to incorporate). I’ve also used one 21 inch roll and one 5 1/2 inch roll in a wreath in the past. If this is your first time, start with two 21 inch rolls first and go from there. Check stores like Hobby lobby prior to purchasing mesh – sometimes they are 50% off!
  • Ribbon – choose the kind with wired edges, this will help a lot in the decorating process!
  • Décor – make sure your decorations are light weight

(In my last DIY tutorial, I talked about the use of pipe cleaners – you can purchase these if you’d like, but I didn’t need any for this specific wreath.)

Deco Mesh Wreath 1

Wreath from Michaels – Hobby Lobby and other craft stores carry these year-round as well!

Deco Mesh Wreath

Deco Mesh and wire-edged ribbon

Deco Mesh Wreath 2


Ok, we’re ready to begin!

Deco Mesh Wreath 6

Step 1: Point all of the tinsel on your wreath up to the sky – this will help when creating the wreath

Deco Mesh Wreath 3

Step 2: Pick a starter color of deco mesh (doesn’t matter which color you choose) and roll it out – give yourself plenty of room to work with.

Deco Mesh Wreath 4

Step 3: Bunch the starting point of your deco mesh together - like a pony tail.

Deco Mesh Wreath 5

Step 4:  Now fold the jagged end down and bunch it all together with your fingers, making a loop. This will be the starting point of the mesh on your wreath.

Deco Mesh Wreath 7

Step 5: Pick a spot on the wreath – doesn’t matter where. Secure the loop down with the tinsel wire.

Deco Mesh Wreath 8

Step 6: Begin an in-and-out patter with the deco mesh, securing it each time with the tinsel wire. The size of the loops will depend on the size of your wreath. If you want a large wreath and would like to use the entire roll of deco mesh, make your loops bigger. If you want a smaller wreath, make these loops smaller. For reference, my loops are usually between 8 and 12 inches a piece – this specific wreath’s loops were around 8 inches  a piece.

Please note: As the process goes along, you will tie additional deco mesh or ribbon over the tinsel wires used in this step – don’t freak out if you think too much tinsel is showing, it will get covered in the end!

Deco Mesh Wreath 10

After making it all the way around the wreath one time with the in-and-out pattern, this is what the wreath should look like. See how I made my deco mesh loops smaller? If you wanted a bigger wreath and made your deco mesh loops bigger, obviously your wreath would look a bit more full than this one.

Now time to add the second roll (if you want your wreath all one color, that’s ok too – start with your second roll of the same color here).

Deco Mesh Wreath 11

Step 7: Begin your second roll the same way you began the first roll in step 2, 3, 4, and 5 above. Tie the new roll on top of the place you secured your first roll (and use the same tinsel tie).

Now begin an in-and-out pattern with the second roll going the opposite way from the first roll (see photo above – the brown roll began to the left and the cream roll began to the right).

Deco Mesh Wreath 12

After completing an the in-and-out pattern with your second roll, this is what your wreath should look like. I also went back in and added a bit more brown where I felt the cream was overpowering.

Please note: I used most of the tinsel ties on this wreath a few times - that’s ok and usually necessary. Don’t freak out if that happens. If you come to a location where you want a loop but have no tinsel tie, add a pipe cleaner there.

Deco Mesh Wreath 13

Step 8: Add in your ribbon. Instead of hot glue, I tied my ribbon into the existing tinsel ties. I did not loop this ribbon around the back of the wreath (I feel like that is wasting ribbon). Instead, I tied it down in one spot, then looped over to the next.

Deco Mesh Wreath 14

See how some green tinsel is still showing in the photo above? I covered it with the décor and voila – no more green tinsel!

Deco Mesh Wreath 16

Step 9 and 10: Secure the decorations to your wreath with hot glue or whatever method works best for you (I’ve used hot glue and I’ve used the existing tinsel to secure the décor onto my wreaths – whatever works for you). Display for all to see (or give as a gift…etc)!

Deco Mesh Wreath 17

There you have it! It seriously looks more complicated than it really is. Deco mesh is a lot of fun to work with – try it out, you might surprise yourself!

Have you ever worked with Deco Mesh? Any tips or tricks to add?


  1. Thank you Karen for very good tutorial. I've already bought several mesh rolls and 24" work form from Now I'm ready to follow your tips. ;)

  2. You are So dang creative Karen! I love it. I've been eyeing up those fall wreaths at the magic Kingdom this past week and was hoping I could purchase one. No such luck!

    1. Oh my goodness how cute with that see? Now you have the wheels turning in my head again… Ha ha!

  3. That wreath is beautiful Karen. You could sell those at a craft fair! You did a great job showing how it id done. Perhaps once I get settled in my new home I will try this for a springtime wreath.

    1. Thanks so much! They are so much fun and so easy to make! A Spring wreath will be beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I saw this at a store and saw the price tag, I thought "I can definitely make this, will need to look on Pinterest." Can't wait to make my own.

    1. Exactly! My thoughts, too! I had fun making yours!

  5. Wow. You are so crafty and creative.

  6. You are so talented Karen! This looks amazing!

  7. Hi Karen. Your wreaths are beautiful. I secure my embellishments with the twist ties. That way if it get's to hot hanging on a door, they won't fall off.

  8. I, too, have been loving this wreath. I'm still thinking about how to embellish one for summer.

  9. This is beautiful and you make it look easy enough for even me to try! Thanks so much!

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