Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday! Today’s Wordless Wednesday (Disney style) is hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic!

Today’s theme is: Transportation

Hands down, our favorite mode of WDW transportation is the Water Transportation Boats on Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon. A huge selling point of Wilderness Lodge for us is this method of transportation – the boats make it super easy to get to the Magic Kingdom, the Monorail, and any of the area resorts (for dining reservations or simply enjoying the scenery).  Early morning sunrises on the lake are my absolute favorite (although I don’t get to see them often). My dad says that when he retires, he’s going to work at Disney and drive these boats around all day. :)

WDW Transportation Boat (11)

WDW Transportation Boat (12)

WDW Transportation Boat (15)

WDW Transportation Boat (8)

WDW Transportation Boat

WDW Transportation Boat (10)

WDW Transportation Boat (16)

WDW Transportation Boat (9)

Aren’t we cute? This feels like another lifetime ago, even though it’s only been 5 years!

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What’s your favorite method of Transportation around WDW?


  1. I love the Friendship boats going around MGM, the hotels and then EPCOT.

  2. Love the water transportation as well, so relaxing. Great shots!

    1. I agree, it's a very relaxing way to begin/end your day!

  3. I agree! Water transportation at Disney is the best, and there are so many opportunities to ride a boat at some point.

  4. My favorite method is the bus! Of course it's nothing fancy, but I am so glad that Disney offers transportation from the resorts to the parks. It makes it so much easier when you don't have to worry about parking or directions!

    1. I couldn't agree more! I love not having to rent/drive a car all around property! :D

  5. I also enjoy the boats at WDW. We recently stayed at Wilderness Lodge for the first time during the Tower of Terror race weekend and took the boat back and forth the Magic Kingdom for MNSSHP. It felt like another ride instead of just transportation! Love your pics!

  6. Awesome pics, I love riding the boats all around Disney!

  7. Great pictures! We love the Wilderness Lodge boats!! It's such a magical way to start the day.


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