Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites: Pumpkins

Hi there! Happy Friday! Are you tired of my crafty, DIY posts yet? :) Well, this should be my last one for a while (for the fall at least).

As you know, Friday’s are usually the days where I recap my week of workouts. Unfortunately, I was feeling really gross on Monday and Tuesday and decided to take unplanned rest days. So here’s my “Fitness Friday” – I ran 12 miles on Saturday with a  friend and did a cross-training workout one time this week. Blech. It’s not been a good week, friends.

So, instead of re-harping on all of that, I’m going to share my crafty-fall project I worked on over the weekend! :D

Disney Pumpkins

These guys. I’ve owned these plastic light up pumpkins for a long time now – at least seven  years. They were so faded from the sun, I was embarrassed to put them on display. Last week, I had the idea of re-painting them with spray paint….and if it didn’t work, I figured it wouldn’t really hurt anything or make anything worse than it already was.

Originally, the Tinkerbell pumpkin was light orange in color and the Pooh Bear pumpkin was bright orange in color.

Disney Pumpkins 1

After a little thought and deliberation, I decided to make Pooh Bear bright orange once again, but changed Tinkerbell to a cream color.

I taped the stems of each pumpkin with painters tape, although Tinkerbell’s green stem was wearing off anyway. I need to purchase some green paint next!

Disney Pumpkins 2

Voila! They both turned out great and look 10,000 times better than they looked before!

Disney Pumpkins 3

Glowin :)

Disney Pumpkins 7

Pooh’s ready for fall

Disney Pumpkins 6

Tinkerbell glowing green

For added measure, here’s the other two pumpkins that grace my front porch! :)

Disney Pumpkins 4

Disney Pumpkins 5

Mickey pumpkin!

What’s a favorite holiday/seasonal DIY project that you’ve done/created?


  1. Aww I LOVE those pumpkins! Spray painting really worked well! I have a jack o lantern on my front porch that could use some new paint! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Thanks, Mindy! Have fun sprucing up your pumpkin! :)

  2. Awwww!!! CUTE!!! You have been so crafty! I think the next girls night we should make a craft of some sort!

    1. I think that would be so much fun!! A pinterest craft! lol

  3. Thank goodness you told me they were fake pumpkins! I was starting to get jealous of your amazing pumpkin carving talent. The paint job you gave them looks awesome! -M

    1. Hahah no way...wish I was that talented! Thanks, Miranda!

  4. You have been so crafty lately. Awesome job. They look fabulous.


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