Friday, June 5, 2015

Fitness Friday - 6/5

Currently training for: 
Louisiana Half Marathon
Rock ‘n’ Roll NOLA Half Marathon
Glass Slipper Challenge
Castaway Challenge
Diva’s Half Marathon

Contraband Days 5 Miler
4 on the 4th

Saturday – Vacation Day (out of town visiting friends)
Sunday – Travel Day home
Monday –  3 miles
Tuesday –  3 miles
Wednesday – 3.25 miles before work for National Running Day
Thursday – 2 miles
Friday – 2 miles

So.......I missed my usual Saturday long run which was ok by me because I enjoyed the much-needed rest. This week, though? I'm pretty sure I've never run 5 days in a row. Ever. My knee usually gives me issues if I tempt it too many days in a row. This time, I did it because I could...and it felt amazing...and my knee never bothered me! YAY!


Speaking of running, how was everyone's National Running Day? Did you celebrate? 

The rest of my week looked a little like this:

Fresh summer berries...delicious! My mom grew the blackberries in her backyard and was kind enough to share them with me. Thanks, mom! :)

A few items from last weekend's Mandeville trip included almond flavoring for my coffee and a new pair of yurbuds! I've been enjoying both this week.

Can you believe that all of these flowers (except the plant in the middle) were on the clearance shelf at Lowe's a few months ago? They make a colorful addition to my backyard! 

Tomorrow, I plan on a long run with the running group. Can't wait for a fun and relaxing weekend!

What are your weekend plans? How did you celebrate National Running Day?


  1. Tuesday I got on the treadmill and I ended up knocking out a 5k. I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday and Tuesdays are my scheduled running day during the week. It was one of those runs that felt so good.

    1. Awesome job!! I love those kind of runs! :)

  2. Oh that plant clearance section at Lowe
    s has great stuff. It just needs some TLC and it looks great like yours in the photo. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, they sure do!! I always stop there first! :)

  3. good job! I ran 3 days in a row this week and my knee started bugging me jjusstt a smidge. Back to stretching and lunges for me!

  4. Karen, I have blogged this week about buying my first pair of running shoes this week in preparation for runDisney at Disneyland Paris 2016. I gave you a little mention for being so inspiring :-)

    1. YAY! That's awesome, thanks so much, Clare! Going to check it out now! :)

  5. Of course I couldn't run but I did take the dog for a walk! Your flowers look beautiful. That's on my list of things to do this weekend, get a flower!

    1. Hope you were able to find some pretty flowers! :)

  6. Great job with running 5 days in a row.. How long are your long runs?

    1. They were just 2 or 3 miles each. I missed my Saturday long run, so that's why I did that during the week! :)


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