Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sharing The Love Of The Fitbit

A Fitbit - how many of you have one? These electronic devices have taken the fitness world by storm and I am happy to say that yes, I did jump on that bandwagon last Fall. I love my Fitbit. Recently, my running group joined the Fitbit madness,'s so much fun to follow and encourage each other! I love it! 

I chose the Fitbit One in burgundy. This is also available in black which is the one my dad and husband have. Fitbits are available in a WIDE variety and assortment which range from a slender bracelet to wear on your wrist to a runner tracking device (similar to a Garmin)!

Many of these also come in a variety of colors (other than the once shown here).

Since the device I own is the One, that's what I'm going to focus this post on today.

The FitBit One is small and fits in the palm of your hand. I like the clip device on the back because it allows you to wear it throughout the day and no one even knows you're wearing it! As a nurse, I need a watch with a second hand so that's one the reasons I didn't choose a wristband option. I also like the One because it matches EVERY outfit (aka, no one has to see it)!

The Fitbit One tracks steps, distance, stairs, and calories. The button on the end (near the footsteps) allows you to see your stats, simply by scrolling through...

The Fitbit app is another thing I love about the Fitbit! It allows you to see all of your stats on one screen! You can even connect with, follow, and encourage friends along the way!

Yesterday's stats...

Sometimes, the Fitbit even sends like messages such as "Move It", "I'm Ready", "Woot!", etc.

Another thing I love about the Fitbit is the sleep tracker. See the black band shown above? That's where the Fitbit is worn for sleep. The Fitbit slips into the little pocket shown above and the band is worn around the wrist. A "sleep mode" setting is available on the Fitbit which you hit when laying down to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, hit the same button to let the device know you're awake, then the stats appear in the Fitbit app! 

May 19th was a REALLY good night of sleep...I must have been super tired! 

Unfortunately, this is what most of my sleep stats look like! :)

For Christmas, I also received the Fitbit Aria as a gift which is the scale that connects to the Fitbit (so it automatically sends your weight and stats to the app)! 

To add to the madness, the Fitbit also connects to My Fitness Pal and many other calorie tracking apps - this makes it super easy because it adjusts your daily calories for you! I LOVE it!

Just for fun, I looked back for my highest step count to date and coincidentally, it happened to be in Walt Disney World!

Hello, Princess Half Marathon! :)

Well, now you know all you need to (or ever cared to...or didn't care to) know about the Fitbit! It's important to mention that I DID purchase this product and I did not receive compensation for this review. I simply love my Fitbit and I love to connect with others! 

If you're interested in joining me, send a friend request to: (yes, that's juno not's my old email account, I just haven't switched everything over yet)!

Do you own a fitness tracker (of any type)? If so, which one?


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they great?! Love this product, too! :)

  2. I bought the One for my husband & he loves it. The only problem is since we've been back from our cruise it won't sync the info to the app. He's tried everything he can find online & nothing's worked. Have you had any issues?

    1. Oh no! I've never had that issue, how odd! Is there a customer service line to call? They may have some suggestions! Hope you guys get that figured out!

  3. Love my fitbit! I have lost TWO of them somehow, so trying to hang on to this one!

  4. I love being able to keep track of my steps. Since I don't own a separate tracking device, sometimes I just wear my Garmin instead of my regular watch.

  5. I love that you posted about the Fitbit today because that has been on my mind lately. My husband has an extra Fitbit surge and I wore it the other day to try it out and thought I might post on it. He's been trying to get me to get a Fitbit and although it gives a lot of data, I don't know what I would do with that data. The only data i'm really interested in is what comes from my Garmin. Although with the Fitbit it is fun to see your sleep pattern and I was very surprised at my heart rate. Apparently i'm one beat away from needing to seek a

    1. Oh no! Wonder what's causing your elevated heart rate? Hope all is well! I have a few friends who have the surge and they love them!


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