Monday, June 8, 2015

Long Run, Star Wars, & A Fire

Happy Monday! Another eventful weekend has come and gone - they never seem to last long enough!

On Saturday morning, I met up with my BRF for a 5 mile run. The humidity was pretty high, but it was a gorgeous morning and I really enjoyed the company! :)

After the run, my husband and I came home and watched Star Wars A New Hope. Up until Saturday, I'd only watched The Phantom Menace (I) and about 45 minutes of Attack of the Clones (2)...and it was eight years ago, at that! Someone suggested that we start from the "original" with Episode 4, so that's what we did!


I've always been interested in the Star Wars area of Hollywood Studios and felt like I knew the characters enough to understand the movies. I also want to see The Force Awakens in theaters, so I knew I had to catch up!

My brother and I began texting silly Star Wars meme's back and forth (hence the origination of the kitty above) when he called and asked our plans for the evening. We didn't have any, so they decided to drive in and surprise my parents! I told him..."Safe travels. May the Force be with you..."

About an hour and a half later, I texted to ask where they were and I received this photo:

Immediately, my mind had two thoughts - either they stopped along the side of the road to help someone (my brother is a state trooper) or that's really their car.

I first called my dad (who again, had no clue they were coming to town) and he was already on his way there. He didn't even really know what was going on, so I told him their car was on fire. As he reached the top of the bridge (a super high bridge at that), he could see smoke rising in the air.

Sure enough, that was their car. Kayla said that the steering wheel locked up on her and so did the gas pedal. All of the internal lights started flashing and she couldn't do anything but coast to a stop on the side of the interstate.

Brian opened the hood and then realized that the inside was on fire. While waiting on the fire department to arrive, they had to stand there and watch as their vehicle became engulfed in flames.

They said several kind people stopped to check and see if anyone needed help - some even stopped on the opposite side of the interstate and ran across to make sure everything was ok.

One jerk stopped on the opposite side of the interstate to take a picture, then drove off. Obviously no "official" help had arrived at that point. Don't be that guy. Just don't.


I am sad this happened to them, but I'm also thankful they weren't on the top of that really tall bridge I mentioned earlier. I'm SO grateful for God's protection. This could have been much worse. I will also never tell anyone, "May the Force be with you" ever again. 

Despite all that happened that day, we had a good time at dinner and managed to decompress and laugh a lot!

Look what arrived on Saturday! YAY! 

On Sunday after church, we had lunch with our friends at Coyote Blues. I love their Smoked Duck Quesadillas! I even have enough leftover for lunch today! :) We finished up our evening by playing games at my house. A lot of fun times were had - someone might have fallen out of their chair from laughing so hard (it wasn't me, scout's honor).

Despite the crazy setback with Brian & Kayla's car, we still managed to have a great weekend!

How was your weekend? Ever had a crazy car situation happen to you?


  1. Oh my goodness, that car fire is so scary. Truthfully, that is one of my greatest fears and i'm not kidding. Their car does not look that old. I hope there is some compensation from Ford. Thank the good Lord no one was hurt!

    1. It was a 2013...crazy, huh? I'm so glad everyone was ok!

  2. Wow! I am so glad that your brother and sister-in-law are safe! That is scary! Last November, I was on the way to work when my Jeep started "jumping forward" on it's own. I would be at a stop light, and it would just jump forward. I was so scared that I would hit the car in front of me, and there was nothing I could do about it. After doing the jumping a few times, it went dead. It was a brand new Jeep, and something in the main computer went out. I didn't keep it very long--I think it was a lemon! Anyway, car stuff is scary; because unless you know a lot about cars (I don't), you are stuck and have no idea what to do!

    1. Me too...I'm so glad everyone was ok!

      Oh my gosh that must have been SO scary (your jeep jumping forward like that)! I'm with you, I don't know enough about cars so I would be stuck as well!

  3. Oh my goodness! The car fire situation is so scary! I am sooo glad they were ok!!!

  4. So sorry to hear about the car accident and thank god no one was hurt. Star wars quotes and car accident, what a strange coincidence...

    1. LOL Yeah...never saying that to anyone again! Haha!

  5. So crazy about their car! My dad says Ford = fix or repair daily
    Glad you had a good weekend!

  6. WOW! That is crazy & scary! Glad everyone was ok.


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