Monday, September 14, 2015

Feelin' Like Fall

The weather this weekend was incredible and I loved every minute! When you can feel Fall in the air...yesss....that's absolutely the best! I sure hope it sticks around for a while (wishful thinking)!

Although the humidity was a little high on Saturday morning, the temperatures were in the mid 70's! 

Heather and I met up with the running group on Saturday morning. We did a run/walk combo for 6 miles around town and had a great time!

After the run, I took a nap then went to a family birthday party. It was nice to visit and catch up with the family!

We had McAlisters for dinner, then visited Cowboy Stadium for the first home game of the season! Everyone in my group was McNeese Alumni, so we had fun cheering on our boys! They won, too!! 

Kona Ice was on scene and I couldn't pass up my opportunity! Yum! 

The band!

After the game, the team knelt down for a prayer! I loved seeing this!! 

Linzi on my right, sister in law on my left! :)

Oh yes, and we also had a belated birthday/freedom/happy wedding party for a few friends on Friday night. The candle holder above was one of my gifts and I love it! Fall is just the best time of year!! 

Today, I have to have a hole fixed in a tooth. Whomp whomp. On Labor Day, I noticed that a chunk of filling fell out of my back molar and I don't remember when, where, or how. Strange, isn't it? I'm just glad it wasn't hurting or causing me excruciating pain, but I definitely don't want it to get infected. The worst part of it all is the lasting effects of the numbing medication. 

Ah well, it's yet another beautiful day in the south, so I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible! Have a fabulous Monday!  

How was your weekend? Any long runs/races?


  1. The weather has been perfect! If it could only stay this way! What a fun weekend! Boo for the dentist. I did that a week or so ago...I was numb during dinner time and I was not a happy camper since I couldn't eat lol!

  2. I was tempted to get outside to run this weekend but it didn't happen. If it continues to be nice in the mornings I will need to get outside.

  3. Sounds like such a fun week, well all except for the Dentist part! Love that candle holder, that is cute!
    Enjoy the beautiful weather! We've been having great weather out west here too, even have a little cool down over the next couple of days that will drop us down to the 80's in the days and I am looking forward to it, it might even make all the tree's start changing for the fall:)

  4. Loving the weather, I just hope it doesn't go straight to cold!

  5. Fall is such a wonderful time of year with the cooler weather and decorations for Halloween/Thanksgiving, not to mention football season. My Sunday was spent flying to Boston and today I had a fantastic long run by myself but on part of the Boston Marathon much fun!

  6. The weather has been fabulous! I was disappointed when I looked at the forecast though. I'm not a fan of the dentist at all. I hope everything goes well. Sounds like a fun weekend!


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