Monday, June 6, 2016

Two Month Baby Update

Oh my goodness I cannot believe I'm already writing a 2 month baby update.

This month has brought about so many new experiences for both Brayden, Jason, and I! If you missed his 1 month update, you can find it here.

Height: 24 inches (we measured this on our own) - up from 21 3/4 inches at birth
Weight: 11 pounds 10 ounces (as per 2 weeks ago) - I randomly brought him by the clinic because I was curious about his weight. He will have another doctor appointment next week, so I'll get a more updated weight then. At birth, he was 8 pounds 2 do the math! This growing boy LOVES to eat!
Clothing: He's outgrown all of his newborn clothing (as of around 6 weeks) and is currently mostly in size 0-3 months but can wear a small handful of 3 month clothing.
Diapers: He finally moved to size 1 diapers as of 6 weeks old. 
Nicknames: Brayden Boy, Sugar Bug, Captain Brayden (per Jason..haha!)

In just 30 short days, you can see the huge change that was made here from 12 days old to 42 days old! It's amazing how fast babies grow!

His face and thighs have definitely filled out a bit more over the past month. I just love to kiss those cheeks! 

  • His play mat
  • Looking in mirrors
  • Eating
  • Having people talk to him
  • Putting his hands by his face
  • Car rides
  •  Being nosey and looking around
  • Eating
  • Kicking his legs and moving around in general
  • Ceiling fans
  • Baths
  • Did I mention eating?

  • Having a dirty/wet diaper
  • Patience (aka, he has NONE!)
  • Bright lights
  • Being hungry
  • Placing him on your shoulder to burp him
  • Tummy time
  • Swaddling with his arms in

He definitely dislikes being swaddled with his arms inside the Halo swaddler - instead, we put the Halo on him with his arms out and the middle strapped pretty snug. He seems to like the comfort of the swaddler but loves having his arms free. If it works for him, it works for me!

Brayden has been a champion sleeper! I'm not trying to jinx myself, but he began sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago (with one or two instances where he woke up one time during the night). At first, I realized what was happening and kinda felt bad about losing my "little baby"...then he woke up one night at 3:30 a.m. and wouldn't fall back asleep for 2 hours! I definitely didn't complain anymore! Haha!

Tummy time has been iffy - he is ok with it for a few minutes sometimes and others he hates it altogether. He almost rolled over during tummy time this week but caught himself midway through. It hasn't happened again so I think it was a fluke!

 As I mentioned before, this month has brought around a whole new set of experiences for Brayden!

We had our first Mother's Day and our first time back at church since he was born.

Brayden got to experience his first Relay for Life!

His baby dedication at church was held mid-May....

...and through it all, his personality has continued to grow! Brayden smiles so freely now which is incredibly adorable and melts my heart.

One of my favorite things to do is lay him on my lap in the morning and talk to him while soaking up the smiles! He is such a cuddle bug, too!

Too much cuteness to handle!

The pouty lip is still there, too....and this kid can SCREAM when he wants to, don't let the smiles fool you!

Month two has been so much fun with so many learning experiences for all of us. We've started figuring out his cues and signals when he cries or is fussy (although we still can't figure out what he wants sometimes).

My return to work happens today and I'm ok with it, although I'm desperately going to miss this little booger! Thankfully, my mom is going to watch him on Jason's work days and Jason will have him on his off days (week days) while I'm at work.

These past two months have flown by in a blur! I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with Brayden and the (mostly) undivided attention I was able to give him. Apart from work, I also took these past two months off of volunteering as well. I've given so much of my time to others over the past 15 years, I decided that these past two months were to be devoted to Brayden exclusively. Although that didn't happen completely, I'm still grateful that I was able to give him the time and attention he so deserved. I know that not everyone understood my time off but that's ok - it was all about Brayden and learning my new role as a mom and I think after 15 years, we deserved that! :)

That's all I can think of at for the time being! We sure do love our sweet little Brayden! :)


  1. You are so very lucky to have your mom watch Brayden and Jason on his days off. Brayden is such an adorable baby with loads of smiles. He has grown so much in just 2 months time.

    1. I couldn't agree more - we are so blessed!! My grandparents watched me until I started kindergarten so I'm grateful my son gets to have this opportunity as well! Thanks Pam! It's amazing how fast they grow!

  2. He is so adorable, especially his pouty face. His likeness to his daddy is crazy. Love your pics and stories. I remember going back to work and had a rough first few days. Hoping yours goes great.

    1. Isn't that pouty face hilarious?! He's a mess! Haha!! Thank you, Mrs Tina!

  3. Can't believe he is two months! Crazy! GL back at work today!

  4. I know the return to work is bittersweet, but just think about how many baby smiles and cuddles will be waiting for you each day when you get home from work. I love the picture where he looks like he's lounging in his sleep sack. Just too cute!

    1. Aww that's such a good point!! :) Thanks Kathryn!

  5. What a cutie! I can't believe the growth made from day 12 to day 42! I can understand why he doesn't like the traditional swaddle since he likes his hands by his face.

    1. Isn't the growth thing insane? Yes, always with his hands by his face! Haha!


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