Friday, June 10, 2016

Fitness Friday - When, Where, and How?

Confession time: I did not run or workout not one single time this week. Not one. Well, unless you count the one mile walk I took with Brayden last night...

What's going on? Well, as most of you know I returned to work this week from maternity leave. I can honestly say that work itself hasn't been bad at all! I didn't even cry like I warned Jason I would!

My job and career is something I'm passionate about and really enjoy, so leaving Brayden for several hours each day with my  mom isn't bad at all. Brayden and I still manage to enjoy our afternoon times together and our evening snuggles on the couch. I do miss him throughout the day, but I enjoy returning home to him so much more!

Now, here's where the tricky part comes into play - working out. When, where, and With this new and ever changing schedule of ours, that's something I'm just going to have to figure out. In the meantime, I've set a goal to at least obtain 10,000 steps per day on my fitbit. Although my job is an active one, it doesn't warrant that many steps per day alone so this will take a little effort on my part. I know it's an obtainable goal for now and I'm happy with it!

I do have plans to run this Saturday with my friend Heather and I'm excited about it. I can't wait to run again!

Speaking of Saturday running, last Saturday was an interesting one! Heather and I text back and forth on Friday night to determine our plan of attack. You see, the weather forecast called for 70-100% rain from 5 a.m. until the afternoon on Saturday. I'm not afraid of a little rain, but this one was calling for flash flood warnings and all that craziness!

We decided to play it by ear and re-evaluate in the morning.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to a fog and humidity laden running route but I didn't care - it wasn't raining or lightning, so after a little discussion, we decided to get our run going!

Dreary morning!

We took a before picture because I didn't know if we would even be able to take an after picture!

Our run went well and although the humidity was high, we pushed through. In the end we decided to tack on an extra mile for a total of 6! My furthest distance to run postpartum thus far! Yay!

We managed to make it through the entire run without any rain...but boy was it on the way!

After my run, I heard Madalynn barking like crazy at something from her perch at the front window. I assumed it was the neighbors cat but I was wrong! One of our turtle friends from the end of the road had made its way to my flower bed and was laying eggs! We didn't disturb her (I know the above picture looks like we were close to her but we weren't). She was able to finish her business and leave before the storm hit!

Once the rain came, it came with a and furious, lightning and all! I was grateful we didn't have to run through that! This picture was taken only about 5 minutes after it started to rain!

I'm excited about the weekend and another run with my BRF tomorrow, although rain is in the forecast once again.

What's your weekend plans?


  1. Glad you got your run in before the rain and 6 miles is amazing!

    I know it's hard to find time for running and Fitness on an every day basis but through in working full time, tending to a house, and a new baby and things can get challenging. Tracking 10,000 steps a day is a great start though. That definitely kept me motivated when I was wearing the FitBit!

    1. Thank you! So far it's been working out well on most days! :)

  2. We were at my parents last weekend and we got that rain around 5:30 that evening. We had JUST finished grilling when the heavens let loose!
    as far as finding time to just plain sucks. I have sometimes been getting up at 5 to run before Bobby leaves. You have a treadmill right? It may become your BFF! Thankfully my gym has childcare certain times of the day so I can bring her there when I go to boot camp.

    1. I'm thinking early morning runs is where it's going to have to be for me. Ugh. I hate that stupid treadmill. LOL


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