Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Five: Runner Gift Ideas

There's only 9 days until Christmas, y'all! NINE days! The excitement here is palpable and we can't wait!

Just last week, I completed my Christmas shopping and I'm wrapping the last of the items as they arrive in the mail. Today's Friday Five theme is Runner Gift Ideas! Just in case you're stumped or not quite finished shopping yet, here's a few last minute ideas for the runner in your life!

(Please note, I LOVE all of these items I'm recommending you to and have purchased several of these items as gifts for friends this holiday season or personally own these items myself. With that said, some items may contain affiliate links.)
 #1 Flip Belt

I'm honestly not quite sure how I ran a full marathon (and several thereafter) without this guy! I seriously LOVE my Flip Belt! It stays in place, holds a ton of stuff, and isn't bulky beneath your clothing. Whoever invented this item is a genius and I mean that whole heatedly. My Flip Belt is with me on all of my training runs and races!

#2 Legend Compression Socks

Y'all know I love good compression and these socks aren't any different! These Legend Compression socks and leg sleeves give just the right amount of compression without being TOO tight which fits their motto of "right not tight". I own these in several colors and wear them for either long training runs or recovery thereafter. I even wore them while running my half marathon last weekend! For the runner in your life, the gift of compression is a great one! Be on the lookout - they are currently running daily deals for Christmas. Want to receive $15 off your first pair? Click here for your unique discount code

#3 Oofos

Speaking of race recovery, have you ever tried on a pair of Oofos? Y'all...these feel like walking on clouds! You know how your feet sometimes ache after running races or long distances? These sandals are the perfect soothing remedy. I love my Oofos, they are a must have after a half/full marathon or long training run! Oofos are also available in a wide variety of colors! 
#4 Gone For A Run

I know I've mentioned Gone For A Run here in the last several posts, but seriously, they have some awesome gift ideas for the runner in your life! From cute shirts to jewelry, bib/medal hangers, and can't go wrong with a gift from Gone For A Run! I mean really, how pretty is this bracelet...and you can choose which charms you want on the bracelet!

#5 Running Warehouse Gift Card

Have you ever been completely stumped on a gift idea? Well, Running Warehouse has a wide variety of shoes, clothes, and running items that can't be beat! An online gift card would make a great gift for the runner in your life!

That's it for today's Friday Five! Thanks to these lovely ladies for hosting!

Do you have any gift ideas for runners I didn't mention above?


  1. Gift cards are a lot of fun. As much as it's nice to get something, it's also fun to go spend the gift card.

  2. I love Legend Compression gear, too! I think the socks or sleeves make a great gift - especially in a fun color like pink :)

  3. The Oofos are amazing!! I don't wear them much in the winter (too cold),but in warmer weather, I wear them all the time...for recovery and just around the house (like carpet slippers)

    1. I couldn't wear them after the past two weekends of half marathons but it's supposed to be back in the 70's this weekend...go figure!

  4. Great list! I still have yet to try those sandals that everyone keeps raving about... super cute and they look really comfy!


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