Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Races & Memorable Runs

Over the years as a runner, I've participated in my fair share of races - from themed runs to those through the mud and everything in between! However, my favorite types of races have always been based around a Christmas theme. Throw a few Christmas lights and a Santa hat in there and I'm game! 

For today's Friday Five, I'm taking a walk down memory lane to share with you a few holiday races, all of which were definitely memorable for me!

#1 Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K

In 2014, my husband and I visited WDW during the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend and as part of our trip, we participated in Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K. I was so excited to run this one through Animal Kingdom and it did not disappoint! We had a blast!

#2 Santa's Wonderland 5K

...also known as the race that wasn't...

Out of all my Christmas themed races, the Santa's Wonderland 5K is definitely the most memorable. I traveled to College Station, TX with my sister in law and some friends to participate in what sounded like an amazing 5K through a wonderland of Christmas lights. Well, the great monsoon of 2014 decided to take place that evening and the race was postponed to the following day. We were already almost there when the decision was made to delay the race and we weren't spending the night. So, we changed into our running outfits and made the most of it....we had a ball in the rain! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

#3 Santa Hustle 5K

Last year, I planned to run the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in Galveston, TX with my sister in law and friends. As it turned out, I wasn't able to participate in the half marathon due to pregnancy issues, so I did the Santa Hustle 5K instead. The 5K was exactly like a shortened version of the half - complete with cookies and candy on the course! I had a great time and would definitely do this race again in the future if given the opportunity! 

#4 Reindeer Run 5K

In 2015, I participated in the Reindeer Run 5K which took place throughout Sea World park in Orlando! I LOVED seeing the park from this angle and really enjoyed participating in this race with my friend Melissa! I also happened to be pregnant for this one! This race really reminded me of a runDisney event with the large amount of photo ops along the course and the fun atmosphere! (I guess it helped that this race was also put on by Track Shack!)

#5 Santa Hustle Half Marathon

Last but certainly not least is the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in Galveston, Texas. Despite the ridiculous weather this year, I really enjoy this race series and would love to give this one a try again. The medal is beautiful and sparkly, too!

That's all for my favorite holiday races! I've sure had a lot of fun running these and look forward to more the in the future! 

Have a great weekend and a fabulous Christmas!  

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  1. These all look so festive and fun! I've done Mickey's jingle jungle 5k twice now but need to find some other holiday races!

  2. These all look so fun! Those sparkly skirts are cute!!

  3. Lucky you to have such great options for holiday races. We don't get many here in France, the racing season usually stops for a couple months in the winter....

  4. What fun races! Love the santa faces. :)


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