Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Weekend #2!

Continuing with our 2016 holiday weekend recaps, in week #2 you'll find a whole lotta rain, Christmas shopping, and time spent with my little guy!

We had a lot of fun this weekend and enjoyed capturing those moments to share with you! 

Check out a recap of the 2nd weekend of our 2016 holiday season below!


Have a great one! Stay tuned for weekend #3 and a recap of my first post-baby half marathon! :)


  1. Ha, I had to laugh about your time waiting for an oil change. You made it sound so festive. And I never heard of the holiday car wash, that was neat.
    Hope the rain holds out so you are able to get anymore runs in that you might want to do.

  2. Love the vlog. Thanks for inviting us with you on your weekends. Also, I love love love wrapping presents too.


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