Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Goals

With a new year comes a fresh slate with new opportunities. I've never ever been a fan of resolutions, but I do like to set goals for myself. While thinking about goals for today's Friday Five topic, I came up with several that I would like to set for 2017.

Organize and throw away/donate

Oh my gosh. Ever since we found out we were pregnant, we had to cram eight years of our lives into one less room (to make room for Brayden). I am a very sentimental person, so I often hold onto things I shouldn't necessarily hold on to. My goal for the next few months is to take my house room by room and completely organize and donate/sell/throw away the "clutter" I don't need. I also have an ebay box, so I need to post those items online to sell. We've been looking at houses for a while now (over a year) and just haven't found anything we loved. However, I know that one day we will, so my new motto is this - would I take the time to pack this item in a box and move it to a new home? If not, then has to go. This will help me stay focused on the task at hand.

Train properly for a race/stick to a training plan

As you know, my running group will cease to exist after Saturday (tomorrow). Sad face. After having been a member of the group for 8 years, this will be a huge change for me. However, I have a few races on my horizon and want to stick with a training plan so I can effectively train and complete the races without injury. My running buddy Heather still wants to keep training as well so I know this will help with my motivation!

Pay closer attention to my food intake

This one is self explanatory. I was doing really well in the months leading up to Christmas but now that's all been erased. I need to get back on track and stay at my pre-baby weight state! 

Enjoy my family

Time is something we all wish we had more of. Spending time with my family is something that is very precious to me and I want to enjoy the time we have together without distractions. As a full time working mom, I take the time I have to spend with my fast-growing baby very seriously and I want to cherish and enjoy it.

Be more contentious of money

There are times when I order something online or purchase an item simply because I want it. This year, I want to be more aware of why/where/how I'm spending my money. Is it something I truly need? If not, then I won't make the purchase. As I mentioned before, we are looking at purchasing a house in the near future and I would like to have a decent amount saved up before that time.

What are your goals for 2017?

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  1. After getting many new items for Christmas I cleaned my closet and drawers out of old clothes so I have several bags I am going to donate.

  2. Now that I'm back with my parents for the foreseeable future, I want to get some financials more under control. Since I don't have to pay rent, that's going to help a lot. I really want to start increasing the balance in my savings account.

  3. With no job right now, I have focused on the clutter my house. I've had 3 trips to the Goodwill already. I hope to stay as motivated as I am now to get through all the rooms in the house. Good luck to your goals!!

  4. Great goals! I am with you on decluttering - some months, I make good progress in letting go of things, but it's a challenge.

  5. I so have to organize and donate... we have so much we don't use. I need to really make time to do this. Thank you!

  6. De-cluttering is ALWAYS a goal of mine. Like you, I'm also very sentimental and have a difficult time getting rid of things. I need to get going on operation get-rid-of-it LOL


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