Monday, August 21, 2017


Is October here yet? Y'all. This heat and humidity is about to do me in, especially this past Saturday with an afternoon heat index of 106 degrees.

So last week, I set out for a 10 mile run and couldn't make it. At 6 miles I threw in the towel and decided that 10 miles in August was for the birds. That thinking didn't last long because this past Saturday, my brain got the best of me and I once again decided to try for a 10 mile run.

The sun was just peeping over the horizon when I began my run. It was already 80 degrees with a high humidity rate and I knew as soon as the sun became visible, it would get hotter and hotter by the minute. 

Originally, I was going to meet up with my running group in town, but a few last minute change in plans left me running from my house. I've only run a distance like this from my house one time in the past and I did not like it one bit. 

My options were to run a 2 mile loop 5 times and have water every 2 miles, or run a 4 mile loop a couple of times plus a few and carry a bottle of water with me. I didn't like either option, so I compromised. In the end, one 4 mile loop won out where I carried a bottle of water with me and three 2 mile loops where I passed water every 2 miles at my my mailbox. The. Struggle. Was. Real. (Yes, I should invest in some kind of water holder but I honestly haven't needed it up until this point. I also do own a water belt but I kind of don't like it...)

Anyway, I decided to change a few things up for this run vs my last week long run fail. I drank plenty of water the day before (80 plus ounces) and had a decent lunch and dinner on Friday. I also ate a different protein bar that morning before heading out the door.

The run went fairly well up until mile 5 when I realized I forgot KT tape for my right knee (how?!) and my left hamstring wanted to act crazy. I considered quitting at mile 6 but didn't give it too much of a thought. I talked myself into stopping at mile 8 if I HAD to and by the time I reached mile 8, I decided that I was almost to mile 10 so why not.


If this run proved anything, it's the fact that no one should be running double digit miles in the south in the summer. Honestly, it was a miserable run but definitely one I'm glad to say I accomplished.

I know it was a slow one, but I didn't even care. Finishing the entire distance was more important than speed this time. Speed will come in the fall when it no longer feels like a sauna outside and I can breathe once again!

Although Madalynn wasn't with me for this run, I did take a second to say hi to her horse friend! They made buds several years ago and love to see each other. It's rather cute!

I look like I'm about to pass out (because I felt like it), but I was so glad to be DONE!

The best part of the whole thing was returning home to see Brayden dressed in the onesie I bought him at Rock n Roll New Orleans this year! It says, "I want to RUN like you when I grow up!" Isn't that adorable?! My husband is thoughtful like that! :)

I topped off the weekend by wearing compression socks to help with recovery and a glorious 2 hour nap on Sunday afternoon!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Did you run this weekend? 


  1. It has warmed back up to August temps here, but not nearly as bad as Dallas. I don't miss the heat and humidity. I do have a water belt, but it's been riding up on me and driving me crazy.

    1. Yes, THIS! Riding up and sloshing...I can't stand either! Ugh.

  2. I love the runner math. Well, I've made it to 8 so I may as well do ten! That's been known to get me through a long run or two!

  3. Oof, running 10 miles in Saturday's weather had to have been brutal. I'm not looking at hitting 10 until November, thanks to our mid-January half marathon...

    1. Oooh that's so lucky! Jeff's schedule has me running 13 miles in a few weeks. Uhh..I'm not sure I'll be able to make that one just yet! Haha!

  4. Kudos to you for not giving up and for seeing through that you finished all 10 miles. Running during the summer is certainly challenging. Just remember that the more that you push through now, the stronger that you'll be when the weather starts to cool off.


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